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African Head Charge "Return Of The Crocodile" (On-U Sound)

An:ti "Movement Life" (Dihanie Records)

Electronic Seikilos "Social Action For Electronic Music" (USM Recordings)

Gas "Narkopop" (Kompakt)

Gradient "Dub Trips" (Greyscale)

Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs "Ymfees" (Bokeh Versions)

Melodic Mode "Environmentals" (Space Of Variants)

Paul St Hilaire + Rhauder "Derdeoc" (Sushitech Records)

Polarity "mixed by Focal" (Ultimae Records)

Pop Ambient 2018 (Kompakt)

Sherwood & Pinch "Man vs Sofa" (On-U Sound / Tectonic)

Sibling "Shadows" (SK Black)

Slapback 1 (Telrae)

The Eternal Chord "Semper Liber" (Spire 7 / Touch)

Staalplaat SoundSystem "Installations" (Staalplaat - SP-Beta)

Tin Man "Dripping Acid" (Global A Records)

Touch Movements / Jon Wozencroft (Touch)

Two Years Of Askance Discs (Askance Discs)

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