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MUSLIMGAUZE « Babylon Iz Iraq »
All tracks are remixes of Unitone HiFi’s ‘Wickedness Increased’. Recorded in 1996.

Sleeve notes: « Babylon Iz Iraq » literally travelled the world-over before release in the completed form you now hold. The journey began in 1996 when Mark Grimward, who ran Germany-based Incoming! approached the late Bryn Jones to remix « Wikkidness Increased », an electro-dub album by Unitone HiFi. Though not exactly traditional dub, Incoming! organized a remix of « Rewound Rerubbed » and approached mostly dub artists for the task, while Jones was among the exceptions.
Bryn Jones was a specialist in the appropriation and assimilation of both sounds and musical styles into something his own. In fact, one of Jones’ quirks was his unabashed claim that his own music surpassed that of his contemporaries and even went so far as to say his remixes were « much improved » over the originals. This might explain why Jones sent more than one master and told Grimward to select what he liked.
The latter was so overwhelmed by choice that he taped a selection for Paris, France-based music journalist Laurent Diouf; a specialist in dub reggae to help with track selection. That Jones responded so voluminously is of interest considering his discography; six releases in 1995, 15 in 1996—and that is at a label pace. Jones’ actual music output was always larger and accounts for a considerable posthumous catalog. After the release of « Rewound + Rerubbed », Jones’ masters were forgotten until Diouf rediscovered Grimward’s mixtape during a house cleaning and passed it over to Mo Schwiransky, maintainer of the Muslimgauze fan site, Arabbox. […]

Tracklisting: 01/14 untitled
Artwork by Mo
Liner Notes: Ibrahim Khider
Mastered by Josh Derry alias Alter Echo
Remix: Muslimgauze
Research / Music Archivists: Joost Langeveld, Laurent Diouf
Arabbox / Muslimtapes Records, 2010. Infos / Discogs.

DIGIDUB « The Golem Of »
01 L.S. Diezel + Launch DAT – Mystery (remixed by N.U.F. & Egon Zo)
02 L.S. Diezel + Launch DAT – Mystery (remixed by Styward)
03 Mashed feat. Levi Roots – Beware Of Your Enemies (remixed by MudSkipper)
04 Mashed – 5 Bars (remixed by S.P.A.Z.)
05 Mashed – Conquering Lion (remixed by the Moody Boyz)
06 Mashed – Zin Zo (remixed by Dodo)
07 Nepturanus (remixed by Marc Em)
08 Smart Alec + Trevor Cloggs – Purple Boyz (remixed by Shimmon + Woolfson)
09 Mashed feat. Levi Roots – Beware Of Your Enemies (remixed by SoundProof)
10 R.I.P. – Donkey Rider (remixed by Hedonastik)
11 R.I.P. – Donkey Rider (remixed by the Resonator)

Mastered by Jay Burnett at Node.
Liner-Notes by Laurent Diouf.
Artwork re-mixed by Frédéric Voisin aka the Wicked Studio.
Compiled, P+C DigiDub, DigiDub Rec., 1998. Infos / Discogs.

01 Seven Dub – Melo
02 Ethnician – U.S.S.
03 Djins – Les Frères
04 Hanuman Care Kit – Somebeleev
05 Rasboras Dub Tribe – Peace & Freedom
06 LXR – Human Being Humans (feat. Omar Ben Hassan)
07 Aleem – Profit Leave
08 Laurent Garnier – Theme From Larry’s Dub
09 Kojak – hold Me (Seven Dub mix)
10 Colinn Zukkie – Two Times In A Modern Style
11 Housatonic – Freestyle Dub
12 Primitive – Dead Frog (The Rootsman remix)
13 Zenzile – Dub Trooper
14 Hopen Collective – Freedom Dub

Personnel Supervisor : Nicolai Beverungen / Echo Beach
Head Of Vibes : Laurent Diouf & Guillaume Metenier
Mastered by Tom Meir.
Liner-Notes by Laurent Diouf [+ some suggestions & contacts / tracklisting].
Artwork & Design 3D Models by Frédéric Voisin / The Wicked Studio
Echo Beach, 1999. Infos / Discogs.

Aleem – Yoga Dub
St Germain – Dub Experience
Lab° – 500 mg (Suzanne Thoma Vox) (French Connection mix)
Djins – Reflexion
Oto Electrik – Otofocus
Eye’n’Ear – The Beat
Grant Phabao – Gone Far Gone
Kaly – BatukaDub
Improvisators Dub -I – Dub
High Tone – Hempro 905
Dub Wiser – Sensi Drinka (A. Adiri mix)
The Arrangers – Fast One
Tony Allen Black Voices (The Funky Lowlives mix)

Thanks to: […] Laurent Diouf aka « Wreck This Mess » for goods dub hands [+ some suggestions & contacts / tracklisting].
Artwork & Design 3D Models by Frédéric Voisin / The Wicked Studio
Echo Beach, 2000. Infos / Discogs.