Universal Egg

WRECK THIS MESS 12H30/14H30 MARDI 26/11/96
sélection spéciale UNIVERSAL EGG

MAEROR TRI - The Anaesthetiser [/Slumbermusic : environmental sound series 001]
ZION TRAIN - Anaconda (remix) [/Ambient Amazon]
MUSLIMGAUZE ‘remix by EXTREMADURA - Pillars Of Hercules [/Occupied Territories]
MUSLIMGAUZE ‘remix by ZION TRAIN - Ankh In Dub [/Occupied Territories]
POWERSTEPPERS - Bass Communication [/Bass Enforcement]
ZION TRAIN - Dub Charge [/W.W.W.M. Archive Volume 1]
THE TASSILLI PLAYERS - Northen Lights [/The Wonderful World Of Weed In Dub]
ZION TRAIN - Aurora Borealis [/Natural Wonders Of The World In Dub]
ZION TRAIN - Squidgy Dub [/W.W.W.M. Archive Volume 1]
POWERSTEPPERS - The Race Into Bass [/Bass Enforcement]
ZION TRAIN - Manta Ray [/W.W.W.M. Archive Volume 1]
ZION TRAIN - Andea Dub [/Great Sporting Moments In Dub]
POWERSTEPPERS - His Master Bass [/Bass Enforcement]
ZION TRAIN - Ruderalis [/Siren]
EXTREMADURA - Igu [/Pulses]
SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND - Drawn To The Woman [/Kin]
ZEPHYRUS - Blue [/Sound Information Volume One]
SPACEHEAD - Lunik [/Sound Information Volume One]
ZION TRAIN - Babylon’s Burning (repetitive beats mix) [/Grow Together]
DUBTRIBE - Acceleration (Zion Train remix) [/eggy 12”]

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