The Residents

WRECK THIS MESS 12H30/14H30 MARDI 19/01/93
émission spéciale THE RESIDENTS (part II)

- Diskomo

Stars & Hanks Forever ! (the american composer's series vol. II)
- Jambalaya [H. William]

13th Anniversary Show [live in Tokyo, 30/10/85]
- Easter woman
- Cry for the fire

/Reflex Magazine vol. I [flexidisc]
- Diskomo [live at San Francisco, 10/01/87]

The King & Eye
- The Baby King [part I, II, III, IV, V]

Buckaroo Blues & Black Barry
- Black Barry [extrait]

Tittle In Limbo [with Renaldo & The Loaf]
- Intro : version
- Sitting on the sound
- Extra : version

Kaw Liga Dance Mix
- Kaw Liga (horror mix])

Freak Show
- Freak show [extrait]

Georges & James (the american composer's series vol. I)
- Summertimes [G. Gershwin]

Duck Stab / Buster & Glen
- Disaster
- Farmers

SNAKEFINGERS : Manual Of Errors
- Private universe / The life on Nebulov

SNAKEFINGERS : Against The Grain
- Living in vain
- The man in dark sedan

Our Finest Flowers
- Jungle Bunny
- I'm Dreaming Of A white Sailor

Duck Stab / Buster & Glen
- Birthdau boys

Our Finest Flowers
- Gone again
- The sour song

THANX : Sylvie, Silent Night, Eric W.

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