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Alexander Smith "Endless Wave Part 1" (Odrex Music)
Anniversary VA "Awesome Mix, Vol. 3" (Piranha Siberia Dub)
Anton Kubikov "Ambient Occlusion" (Stately Records)
Cold Out "Cold Vibrations" (Spclnch
Davor Tosovic "Technocolor" (Melotonin)
Deep Electronics "10 Year Anniversary Compilation" (Deep Electronics)
Dubdude "Desencontrado" (Drift Deeper)
Essentia Sound & Ekodust "Synthetic Elements" (Insectorama)
Freund Der Familie "Rising Sun Interpretations" (Freund Der Familie)
G-Day "Slam" (Piranha Siberia Dub)
Kessell & Kerqus "Imadub" (Granulart)
Klartraum "Wow Effect" (Lucidflow)
Lonerist "The End Of The Earth" (DistroKid)
Mono Peninsula "Fake Dust Compilation" (Mono Peninsula)
ØSC "Quetzal" (Lotus Parable)
Rothchord "Space Exploration" (Spclnch)
The Open Circle "Peace" (ODrex Music)
Throwback Vibes "Vol. 1" (Crossfade Sounds)
Ultra Random Analog Orchestra "EP 3" (Third Ear) [aka Brendon Moeller]
Unknown Artist "Equipè" (Ponza)
Unknown Artist "VRecs01" (VRecs)
Vidění "Mental Landscape" (Circular Limited)
Vril "Animist" (Delsin)
Xyiz "Basal Alignments" (Insectorama)
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