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Aes Dana "Inks" (Ultimae)
Anatoly Grinberg & Mark Spybey "123 m" (Ant-Zen)
Birds Ov Paradise "Konstrukt 010" (Konstrukt)
Bluetech "Liquid Geometries In Dub" (Liquid Sound Design)
Burial "Tunes 2011 To 2019" (Hyperdub)
Cosey Fanni Tutti "Tutti" (Conspiracy International)
Countless Births "Relatos Del Ensueño Pt1" (Illogical Kit)
Deadbeat ‎"The Echocord Sessions 2009-2019" (BLKRTZ)
Denny Kay "Faceless Music" (Ubertrend)
Donato Dozzy "12H" (Presto!?)
Dub Communication ‎"Upcoming Talent EP" (Dub Communication)
Dubtommy "Covenant" (MixCult)
Duchess Of Dub "The Time Is Now" (Duchess Of Dub)
Eddy Romero / Maertz "Mubu EP" (EXPmental)
El Choop "Origin" (ODrex Music) + "render_series" (Greyscale)
Francisco Aguado "Retrospective" (Apnea)
Foundations 4 (Coda) (Dewtone)
Javier Marimon "Conditions" (Lett)
John Ov3rblast "Non-Places" (Spaceal Orbeats)
Gnome & Spybey "Collective" (Ant-Zen)
Grad_U "Redscale 01-09" (Redscale)
Krisz Deak "Fazer" (ODrex Music)
Lars Leonhard "Orbit" (LL)
Letters From Tomorrow #1 (MixCult)
Martin Schulte "Ocean" (Lantern)
Nordena "Lowlands" (Nordena)
Octal Industries "Our Seasons" (Vertex)
Oisin "Munchen Beginnings" (Distrackt)
Petit Astronaute "From Earth" (Circular Limited)
Pitch Black "Third Light" (Dubmission)
Planet Supreme "Planet Supreme" (Ant-Zen)
Rhizome 02 (Lowless)
Rod Modell "Captagon" (Tresor)
SCSI-9 "Squares And Circles" (Apparel Tronic)
Slow Living "Volume 3" (Drift Deeper)
Sons Of Immigrants ‎"Planeta SOi" (Pleasure Zone)
Spectra Ex Machina "A Sound Anthology Of Occult Phenomena 1920-2017 Vol.1" (Sub Rosa)
Suns Of Arqa "Heart of the Suns 1979 ♥︎ 2019" (Interchill)
Synthese "Over The Hill" + "Streichkonzert"(Verform)
Tender H "Distance" (Cold Tear)
Terre Thaemlitz "Comp x Comp" (Comatonse)
The Black Dog "Conspiracy Tapes RMX Destruction Day" (Dust Science)
The Lock-In "Locked In / Locked Out" (All City)
The Owl Of Menrva "Some Tracks I Collected Before Disapearing" (Lett)
Toki Fuko "Spring Ray" (Cold Tear)
Vakant Remixes (Vakant)


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