playlist 2009


2 [Net28]
5 Years Of Hyperdub [Hyperdub]
All Night Long [Aus Music]
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern "UTP_" (CD + DVD) [Raster-Noton]
And Suddenly It's Morning [Smallville]
Andrea Porcu "I Can Wait EP" [The Studio Stereo]
Audision "Surface To Surface" [Mule Electronic]
Ben Neill "Night Session" [Thirsty Ears]
Biosphere "Wireless - Live At The Arnolfini, Bristol" [Touch]
Black Lung "Full Spectrum Dominance" [Ant-Zen]
Brock Van Wey "White Clouds Drift On And On" [Echospace [Detroit]]
Buraka Som Sistema / Fabriclive 49 [Fabric Records]
Cio D'or "Die Faser" [Prologue]
cv313 "@ D.E.M.F. - After Party In 2008" (echospace [detroit])
Daniel Meteo "Working Class" [Shitkatapult]
DJ Spooky "The Secret Song" (CD + DVD) [Thirsty Ear]
DJ Spooky & Matthew Shipp Trio "Freedom Now" (DVD) [La Huit]
DJ/Rupture + Matt Shadetek "Solar Life Raft" [The Agriculture]
Dollars And Cents "Unabridged Soundtrack To Future Movie" (InTone)
Dub Echoes "A film by Bruno Natal" (DVD) [Soul Jazz Records]
Dubterror "Dubterror" [Universal Egg]
Dusk + Blackdown vs. Grievous Angel "Margins Music: Redux" [Keysound Recordings]
Ed Rush & Optical "Travel The Galaxy" [Virus Recordings]
Eddie Silverton "Loungez & Couches" (mp3) [Phunctional Loungin]
Elemental "Messages From The Void" [Runtime]
Enjoy The Silence "Vol. 1" [Mule Electronic]
Fabrique [Room40]
Fedayi Pacha "From The Oriental School Of Dub" [Hammerbass]
Hoax "Comfort In Solace EP" (mp3) [Insectorama]
I Never Promised You A Rose "A portrait of David Toop through his records collection (a film by Guy-Marc Hinant & Dominique Lohlé)" (DVD) [Sub Rosa - OME]
Interlope / Chip Jocket #9 [Expressillon]
International Observer "Felt" [Dubmission Records]
Intrusion "The Seduction Of Silence" (Echospace [Detroit]]
Jacek Sienkiewicz "Modern Dance" [Cocoon Recordings]
Joris Voorn / Balance 014 [EQ Recordings]
Josh Wink "When A Banana Was Just A Banana" [Ovum]
Kaito "Trust" [Kompakt]
Kanka "Sub.Mersion" [Hammerbass Records]
Kiki "Kaiku" [BPitch Control]
Kukan Dub Lagan "New Life New Vision" [Mikelabella Records]
Lagowski "Redesine" []
Len Faki / Berghain 03 [Ostgut Ton]
Luke Hess "Light In The Dark" [Echordcord Records]
Marconi Union "Tokyo" [Bine Music]
Martin Schulte "Odysseia" [Lantern]
Mary Anne Hobbs "Wild Angels" [Planet Mu]
Mikhail "Morphica" (3 CDs, Ltd Edition) [Sub Rosa]
Minilogue "Animals - The Movie" (DVD) [Cocoon Recordings]
Mirko Loko "Seventynine" [Cadenza]
Miwak Twelve [Hymen Records]
Moderat [BPitch Control]
My Favorite Things Vol. 2 [Mule Electronic]
Namlook . Le Mar [Fax]
One Dub "Various Artists" [Interchill Records]
Pablo Bolivar "Recall" [Regular]
Peverelist "Jarvik Mindstate" [Punch Drunk]
Picking O'er The Bones [Mordant Music]
Prince Charming "Lapi Lazuli" [Karlrecords]
Quantec "Cauldron Subsidence" [Echocord Records]
Rauschgold " Alec Empire plays Staugold" [Staubgold]
Rayuela "Non Disperdere" (mp3) [Archipel]
Saverio Evangelista & Federico Spini "Works II" [Hands]
Scanner "Rockets, Unto The Edges Of Edges" [Binemusic]
Solo Andata "Solo Andata" [12k]
Stimming "Reflections" [Diynamic]
Subsonic Park "Echoes From Inside" [Elux Records]
Swayzak "Snowboarding In Argentina" (ré-édition) [Swayzak Recordings]
The Field "Yesterday And Today" [Kompakt]
The Remixes [Plus8]
The Sight Below "Glider" [Ghostly International]
Thomas Köner "La Barca" [Fario]
Tonikom "The Sniper's Veil" [Hymen Records]
Total 10 [Kompakt]
Xabec "Just A Grain Of Sand" (DVD) [Hands]

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