playlist 2005



-40 (CD + DVD) [C0C0S0L1DC1T1]

Ab Ovo "Empreintes" [Ant-Zen]

Battery Operated "Re:Cord" (CD + DVD) [C0C0S0L1DC1T1]

Brian Evenson with Xingu Hill & Tamarin "Altmann's Tongue" [Ant-Zen]

Chris Liebing / Speedy J "Collabs 3000 : Metalism" [NovaMute]

Context Unravelled "mixed by Sutekh" [Context]

Crossways "The Landmark Compilation" (MP3) [Thinner]

Deadbeat "New World Observer" [~Scape]

Deltidseskapism "Nattmusik" [Source]

Dirc.Sen "Equips" (MP3) [Instabil]

Dis_Patched "Live Recordings From Belgrade Festival" [rx:tx]

Fenin "Grounded" [Shitkatapult]

Ferdinand Fehlers "Hearth" (12") [MeteoSound]

Flow.ers (mp3) [Sutemos]

Freestylers "Raw As F**k (remixed)" [Against The Grain]

GG Project "This Is" [Sounds Around]

Hardcore Beats 2 "mixed by Ollywood & Ed209, hosted by MC Fearless" [Hardcore Beat]

HC Gilje "Cityscape" (DVD) [Lowave]

International Observer "All Played Out" [Round Trip Mars]

Kschzt "The Earth's Hum" [Blasé]

Marko Fürstenberg "Classics" (MP3) [Thinner]

Mazk "In Real Time" (Masami Akita + Zbigniew Karkowski) [Ytterbium]

Midimiliz "Non Standards" [Gravity Plus Records]

Miles Tilmann / Loess / Low Profile Society "3D Concepts" [Toytronic]

Miss Yetti "Gold & Liebe" [Tonträger]

Mlada Fronta "Dioxydes" (DVD) [Parametric]

Mutek 05 [Mutek Rec.]

Naw "Green Nights, Orange Days" [Noise Factory Records]

Omit "Tracer" [The Helen Scardale Agency]

Phonosynthese "Waldall" [Elektrolux]

Pitch Black "Ape To Angel" [Dubmission Records]

Progress "The Trieste-Vladivostok Ex.04 Line" [rx:tx]

Richie Hawtin "DE9 / Transitions" (CD + DVD) [M_Nus]

Samourai FM (streaming + archives audio video) []

Si-Cut.DB "From Tears: beach archives" [BiP-HOp]

Silence [is] Presence (DVD) [Epsilonlab + Thinner]

Skugge & Stavöstrand "Humla" [Onitor]

Sonarcotik "Night Of The Living Dread" [MCP Records]

Sovacusa "Centrepoint" [Expanding Records]

Tedder "PhunkyZuluDub" (mix MP3) [Liquid Funk]

Telerotor "Mobilität" [Ant-Zen]

The Connection Machine "Painless" [Down Low]

The Orb "Orb Sessions : volume one, a collection of unreleased rarities" [Malicious Damage]

Thomas Brinkmann "Lucky Hands" [Max Ernst]

Tinkertoy "Electric Wilderness" [Noise Factory Records]

Weapons Of Mass Creation "Two" (2CD + DVD) [Hospital Records]

Xoki "Materia Prima" (mp3) [Kyoto Digital]


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