playlist 2004


Ab Ovo "Le Temps Suspendu" [Ant-Zen]
African Expedisound "Audio Report" [IOT Records]
Andrew Lagowski "Digital Force Planning : strategies for Wreck This Mess" [HTz records]
Audio Active "Melt 2" [Beat Records]
Audiovisualize "mixed by Addictive TV" (DVD) [Addictive TV Ltd]
Autodigest "A Compressed History Of Everething Ever Recorded, Vol. 2 : ubiquitous eternal live" [Ash Int. / Crónica]
Baier/Box "Boxing/Unboxing" (MP3) [Thinner]
Barcelona In Dub (CD + DVD) (Decoder Muzique)
Berlin Digital "A Guide Through The Electronic Scene" (DVD) [Lieblingslied Records]
Biobreaks "Your Future Is My Past" [Sub Connexion]
Brain Damage "Asches To Asches - Dub To Dub" [HammerBass]
Chris Carter "Apply The Breaks" [Botchit & Scarper]
Club Transmediale 04 "Fly Utopia" [Data Error]
Concord Dawn "Uprising" [Uprising Records]
Crooklyn Dub Outernational presents "Certified Dope, vol. 4: Babylon's Burning" [WordSound]
Crystal Distorsion "The Things I4m Not Supposed To Do…" [Expressillon]
Deadbeat "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" [Scape]
Dieselboy "The Dungeonmaster's Guide" [Human Imprint Recordings]
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid "Rhythm Science" [Sub Rosa]
Earzumba "Hermoso Movimiento + Florece Escondido" (rééd. CD) (Dialsinfin)
Egg "Don't Postpone Joy" [Mutek_Rec]
Fabric 15 : Tyrant "Craig Richards" [Fabric Records]
Fórmula "Electrónica #1" [Base Recordings]
Future Classics Three "A Mixed Compilation Of Hidden Techno Treasures" [Exacta.Udio]
Gel-Sol "1104" [Em:t]
Grime "2" [Rephlex]
Haïku "Synthese" [Parametric]
Healer "Higher Ground" [Candyflip Records]
Highgrade "Compilation vol.1" [Highgrade Records]
Hitek by MeteoSound [MeteoSound]
Hospital Mix .3 mixed by Nu:Tone [Hospital Records]
Iration Steppas "Dubz From De Higher Regionz" [DubHead]
Izoloscope "Les Gorges Des Limbes" [Ant-Zen]
Jazz & Bass Session IV "DJ SS Presents…" [Formation Record]
Jeff Benett "Lowdow EP" (MP3) [Thinner]
Kattoo "Places" [Hymen]
Lena "Floating Roots" [Quatermass]
Mike Van Portfleet "Beyond The Horizon Line" [Silber Records]
Naw live @ Radio Libertaire (WTM #632)
Network 23 [Expressillon]
Orphx "CircuitBreaking" [Hymen]
OsloSessions "Vol. Two : DJ Whale" [Taster's Choice Recordings]
O.T.X "Escape" [Brume Records]
Pantha Du Prince "Diamond Daze" [Dial]
Pan/Tone "Newfound Urban Calm + Remix Album" [Bip-Hop]
Scanner "Double Fold" [rx:tx]
Servovalve "Le Sixième Doigt" (CD-Rom) [M-Tronic]
Shitkatapult "Strike 50" (DVD) [Shitkatapult]
Speicher "Extra CD 2 / digitalmix by Michael Mayer" [Kompakt]
Szely "Welcome To My World" [Mosz]
Tomas Jirku "Bleak 1999" [No Type]
Total Science "Audioworks #6" [C.I.A. Records]
The Loop Orchestra "Not Overtly Orchestral" [QueckSilber]
The Noise & The City "V/A" (MP3) [Autres Directions In Music]
The Orb "Bicycles & Tricycles" (Cooking Vinyl)
Thomas Brinkmann "Tokyo+1" [max.Ernst]
Twilight Circus Dub SoundSystem "Remixed : Abstract Beats" [M Records]
Vromb / Telepherique "Paradigma" [Fario]
Weapons Of Mass Destruction [WordSound]
World Traveller Adventures (DVD) [UWe]
WS50 "The Video Album" (DVD) [WordSound]
Z'EV "Headphone Musics, 1 to 6" [Touch]



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