playlist 2003


A Rocket In Dub "If Music Could Talk" [Italic]
Angel Molina "Pasada Profesional (Fragil Discos mix)" [Red Musical]
Arco5 "Dynamostar" [Arbouse Recordings]
Audio Active "Back To The Stoned Age" [Beat Records]
Brain Damage "Combat Dub II" [Bangarang / HammerBass]
Chris Watson "Weather Report" [Touch]
Christof Mingus "South Winds" [Oral]
Deadbeat vs Stephen Beaupré "It's A Crackhaus Thing" [Onitor]
Dieselboy "ProjectHuman" [Moving Shadow]
DJ Spooky "Dubtometry" [Thirsty Ear]
Dopplereffekt "Linear Accelerator" [International Deejay Gigolo Rec.]
Dubwiser "Chapter II: tribute to remixes" [HammerBass]
Einóma "Milli TÓnverka" [Vertical Form]
G-Nox "Ventre" [M-Tronic]
Gabriel Le Mar "Short Stories" [Spirit Zone]
General Dub "Guerres Médiatiques 2066 - 2068" [Expressillon]
Gridlock "Formless" [Hymen]
Gustavo Lamas "Brotes" [Onitor]
Gys "Art D'Echo" [Component Rec. / Zero G Sounds]
Harpages "Angle D'Attaque SuperCoupant" [Le Cri De La Harpe]
Headphone Science "We Remain Faded" [No Type]
Holger Flinsch "Regayov" [Mikrolux]
Jerico One "Replica Automata" [UrbCom]
M2 "War Of Sound" [Ant Zen]
Meat Beat Manifesto "Storm The Studio R.M.X.S." [Tino Corp.]
Nao Tokui "Mind The Gap" [Progressive Form]
Naw "The Resound Of A Foggy Autumn Dawn" [Noise Factory Records]
Norman Feller "Frameless Structure" [Elektrolux]
Nymphomatriarch [Hymen]
Ott "Blumenkraft" [Twisted]
Pascal Feos "Self Reflexion" [PV Records]
Philosophy Major "Hypnerotomachia" [WordSound]
Phono Elements "100% Live mixed by Christian Linder" [Phono Elements]
Richard H. Kirk presents "The War Against Terror (v4.0 / pt 1-6)" [InTone]
RU. "Electronic Two" [LO Recordings]
Sami Koivikko "Salmiakki" [Shitkatapult]
Saule [Sub Rosa]
Scanner + Tonne "Sound Polaroïds" [Bip-Hop]
Sniper Mode & MBP "Travellers Beyond" [Mikrolux]
Speicher (extra cd1) [Kompakt]
Stewart Walker "Live Extracts" [Persona Records]
Substanz-T "Electric Opium" [Hymen]
Superlongevity "Three" [Perlon]
Systemwide "Impurely Replied : SystemWide remixed" [BSI Records]
Szkieve "Des Rythmes De Passage" [Hushush]
Teledubgnosis "Magnetic Learning Center" [WordSound]
The Fire This Time [Hidden Art Recordings]
Thisoriented " Compilation" []
Thomas Köner "Zyklop" [Mille-Plateaux]
TVS "2" [Perkussion & Elektronik Prod. / FünfUndViersig]
Ultra-Red "¡Amnistia!" [Antiopic]
Veer "Lideskape" [Source records]
Visual Niches "2" (DVD) [E:Motion]
Vromb "Rayons" [Ant-Zen]

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