playlist 2002



242.Pilots "Live In Bruxelles" [CarPark records] (DVD)

Alka "Deployed" [Force Inc]

Andrew Duke "Sprung" [Bip-Hop]

Automatic Judgement mix by DJ Sree [X-86 records / Chronobrain]

Bandulu "Redemption" [Music Man Records]

Bauri "Slacker Journal" [Neo Ouija]

Brain Damage "Always Greener (on the other side)" [Bangarang / HammerBass]

Claudia Bonarelli "Everything happens only a certain number of times" [Mitek]

Config.Sys "Ulysses" [Pflichtkauf]

Crooked "The Original Score" [WordSound] (B.O. / DVD)

Deadbeat "Wild Life Documentaries" [~Scape]

DJ Le Lutin "SpeedBall" [Model]

Dubclash [DubHead]

Einóma "Undir Feilnótum" [Vertical Form]

Electric Birds "Gradations" [Mille-Plateaux]

EP2 "Motion Re(e)leases Series" (varios artistas) [spa.RK]

Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree "Balance" [Mille-Plateaux]

Freeform "AudioTourism / Vietnam and China : reinterpretation + sources" [Quatermass]

GMixt.#02 mixed by Marcel Janovsky [Treibstoff recordings]

Håkan Libdo "06-10-60" [Mitek]

Information "Biomekano" [Rune Grammofon]

Interlope "Talk To The Beat" [Jarring Effects]

Johan Skugge "Objects And Buildings" [Source records]

Konstantin Raudive "The Voices Of The Dead" [Sub Rosa]

Lazyfish / Mewark [K20 records]

Lena "Lane" [Quatermass]

Masonic [Hymen]

Meteosound [Select Cuts]

Micro:Mega "Annex" [0101]

Movement "The Brazilian Job mixed by DJ Marky" [Movement London]

New Cult Of The Sun Moon [SoleilMoon] (Rapoon + Black Faction)

Norscq "Lavatroni.X" [Norscq / Shambala]

Onukeio [Ombre Sonore]

Ozy "Tokei" [Force Inc.]

Pan American "The River Made No Sound" [Vertical Form]

Phonosynthese "LebensStrom" [Elektrolux]

Professor Smalls "OutOf Body Experience EP" [Iris-Light records]

Pure "Home Is Where My Hard Disc Is (vol. 1)" [Doc / Mego]

Random Logic "Numrebs" [Tek-Nika]

Random_Inc "Walking In Jerusalem" [Mille Plateaux]

Roni Size "Touching Down" [Full Cycle records]

Row [Max Ernst / Supposé] (Thomas Brinkmann)

Samonella Dub "OutSide The Dubplates" [Virgin NZ]

Sci-Fi Industries "Architectural Development" [Thisco]

Scion arrange and process "Basic Channel Tracks" [Tresor]

Selection "1" [Trapez]

Shapeshifter "RealTime" [K.O.G. transmissions]

Signal Territory "Signal Territory I" [rx:tx]

Sink "Usual Cerex" [Arbouse recording]

Soper Digithugz drum-n-bass mix : "Indelible Pain " [Human]

Sparrow Orange "Hands And Knees Music" [Noise Factory]

Stardub "Cut And Paste" [LoFi Stereo]

Sub Oslo "Dubs In The Key Of Life" [GlitterHouse records]

Subtonal "Électricité De Nuit" [Mikrolux]

Sutekh "Live" [Force Inc.]

Taapet "TaaPet Sounds" [Fact records]

Telerotor "Modern Times" [Ant Zen]

The Seven Sages Of Mesopotamia "Tales from Black Magheddo for WTM" [HTz records]

Thilges 3 "NeuroTitan" [Thilges]

Tomas Jirku "Entropy" [Intr_Version]

T.Raumschiere "Anti" [Hefty Records]

Vromb "Mémoires Paramoléculaires" [Hushush]

Wor.CD.01 mixed by ROB PAINE [Worship recordings]

Yagya "The Rhythm Of Snow" [Force Inc.]



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