playlist 2001


310 "Dowtown & Brooklyn Only" (re-issue) [Leaf]
Akira Yamamichi "Sémiologie ...." [Fire Inc.]
Alternative Novo-Dub "Vol. 2 : Clash & Diversion" [Hi-Subway]
Auch "Remix Tomorrow GoodBye" [Force Inc.]
B. Fleischmann "TMP" [Charhizma]
Below The Radar "The Best Of WordSound Dub" [R.O.I.R.]
Black Faction "Internal Dissident part I" [SoleilMoon]
Break, Broke, Broken. [Les Disques Bazoline]
Chessie "OverNight" [Plug Research]
Concord Dawn "Disturbance" [K.O.G. Transmission]
Converter – Ashe – Morgenstern "Erode" [Ant-Zen]
Diesel Boy "The Sixth Session" [Palm Pictures Ltd]
Digitalic Park "Vol. 3" [Dub Com]
Dub Action captures HammerBass [HammerBass]
Dub Taylor "Form & Figures" [Raum /Musik]
Dub This Net "Altered Connection 1" [HTz records]
Entropie "AnalogCities" [Blash Recordings]
E.S.R.M. "Dark Matter" [Source Research Recordings]
General Dub "Battles 2042 – 2066" [Expressillon]
GG Project "Digital Science EP" [Liquid Recordings]
H.I.V.+ "Hypnoise Movement" [Divine Comedy Records]
Holon "Japanorexia" [Alice In Wonder]
International Observer "Seen" [Different Drummer]
Ixindamix & 69db "The Pro Cheese Two" [Expressillon]
Janek Schaeffer "Above Building" [Fat Cat Records]
L.O.S.D. "The Man Who Made Radio" [V.P.R.O. / Staalplaat]
Met@music [Force Inc.]
Mikael Stavöstrand "Reduce" [Force Inc. Music Works]
Morphine Boutique "Don't Dolby The Bedroom Composers" [Tête-à-tête]
Novisad "Seleya" [TomLab]
Oscid "Opening Sweep" [Ash Int.]
Pan American / Komet / Fisherofgold "Personal Setting" [Quatermass]
Penumbra "Skandinavien" [Iris Light]
Philippe Cam "Balance" [Traum]
Pitch Black "Electric Earth & Other Elements" [K.O.G. Transmissions]
Primaa "Electrosphère & Nucléocubes" [N.H.]
Random Inc. "Jerusalem : tales outside the framework of orthodoxy" [Ritornell]
Rechenzentrum "The John Peel Session" [Kitty-Yo]
Raz Mesinai "The Unspeakable" [B.S.I.]
Reslab [Mitek]
Roger Rotor (/Mort Aux Vaches) [Staalplaat]
Roger Van Lunteren "TMaiens" [HeimElektro Ulm]
Rotor+ "Aileron" [R.T.C.N.Z.]
Ryoji Ikeda "Matrix" [Touch]
Scannerfunk "Wave Of Light By Wave Of Light" [Sulphur / Boudisque]
Select Cuts From Blood & Fire "Chapter Two" [Select Cuts]
Servovalve "N-Gone" [UW]
Submission "Replay : the dub remixes" [Meteo / Echo Beach]
The Rootsman remixed "Global Meltown" [Third Eye Music]
Tricky Cris "Tracking" [Elektrolux]
Vromb "Interluder" [PflichKauf] + "Episodes" [Ant Zen]
Ware 1 "V.A. Digital Warenkorb #1" [Ware Rec.]
Zorn "The City's Collapsing (but not tonight)" [LuxNigra]

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