playlist 1995



Acid Scout "Safari" [Disko B]

Alpha & Omega "Tree of life" [A&O Rec.] + "Sound system dub" [ROIR/Usa]

Ambient Temple Of Imagination "Sonic Acupuncture/Eleusinia" [Silent Rec.]

Ambient Rituals [Hypnotic]

Ash 2.1 record [Ash Int.]

Asian Dub Foundation "Facts & fictions" [Nation Rec.]

Banco De Gaia "Last train to Lhasa" [3CD ltd ed.] [Planet Dog Rec.]

Basic Channel [CD!] [Basic Channel]

Braindub "In your brain" [Sun]

Club Meets Dub [Incoming!/Zip Dog Rec.]

Crooklyn Dub Consortium : certified dope, vol. 1 [WordSound]

DayJah meets The Disciples "Storm clouds : vocals & dubs" [Third Eye Music]

Facil [Instinct Ambient]

Flugschädel "Othniel" [Plattenmeister]

H.I.A. "Freefloater" [Beyond Rec.]

Human Beings "For the time being" [Deviate]

Hybryds "The ritual of the rave" [Daft Rec.]

Ingleton Falls "Absconded" [Charrm]

King Size Dub Vol. I [Echo Beach/Collision Rec.]

Lagowski "Prismatic" [Hypnotism]

Laurent Pernice "Sept autres créatures" [Odd Size Rec.]

Lead With The Bass [Universal Egg]

Macro Dub Infection [Virgin]

Massive Attack v Mad Professor "No protection" [Circa Rec.]

Mesmer Variations [Ash Int.]

Muslimgauze "Silknoose" [Daft Rec.] + "Al-Zufiquar Shaheed" [T.4] + "Izlama phobia" [2CD ltd ed][Staalplaat]

Neven "Junkfood" [Lowlands]

Nonplace Urban Field "N.U.F. said" [Incoming!]

Otras "2" [Fax]

Powersteppers "Bass enforcement" [Universal Egg]

Rapoon "The Kirghiz light" [Staalplaat]

Redagain P "Gigantochelonia" [Source Rec.]

Richard H Kirk "The number of magic" [Warp]

Riou "To-to" + "Exhibition of the samples" + "Room for improvement" [KK Rec.]

Rockers HiFi "A full-on live studio session" [K7 v DAT ltd ed.] [Different Drummer]

S.E.T.I. "Knowledge" [Ash Int.]

Scanner "Spore" [New Electronica] + "Sulphur" [Sub Rosa]

Scorn "Ellipsis" + "Gyral" [Scorn Rec.]

Seven "7" [Aural X-Perience]

Some More Crime "Fuzzysets" [Hyperium/ZZO-Rec.]

Sounds From The Ground "Kin" [Universal Egg]

Starfish Pool "Amplified tones" [LP edition] [Nova Zembla]

Steel [Mille Plateaux]

Subsurfing "Frozen ants" [Apollo/R&S]

Supermarkt [Disko B]

Temple Roy "Deaf and dumb" [Different Drummer]

The Disciples "Resonations" [Cloak & Daggers]

The Rootsman "In dub we trust" [Third Eye Music]

Transcend "2001-2008" [N-Tone]

TransGlobal Underground "Interplanetary meltdown" [Nation Rec.]

Twilight Circus in dub vol. I [M Rec.]

U.F.O.-The Soundtrack "Ufo-the soundtrack" [April Rec.]

Unitone Hi-Fi [remixes] [advanced-tape] [Incoming!]

XJacks "Solid pressure" [Fax]



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