On-U Sound

WRECK THIS MESS 12H30/14H30 MARDI 01/02/94
This is only a "taste", stage FOUR
ON-U SOUND from LP 35 to LP 43

VOICE OF AUTHORITY "Very Big In America Right Now"
- Feeling Wild

MARK STEWART & MAFFIA "As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade"
- As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade

PAY IT ALL BACK "volume I"
- Maffia - Hallelujah
- The Circuit - Loudspeaker
- Voice Of Authority - Fuh Fuh
- Missing Brazilians - Ace Of Wands

DUB SYNDICATE "Tunes From The Missing Channel"
- The Show Is Coming
- Forever More
- Goeffrey Boycott

SINGERS & PLAYERS "Vacuum Pumping"
Sister P. - Holy Scripture

AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE "Off The Beaten Track"
- Off The Beaten Track
- Some Bizarre
- Belinda
- Language & Mentality
- Throw It Away
- Release The Doctor
- Down Under Again

TACK>>HEAD "Friendly As A Hand Grenade"
- Free South Africa

- Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate - Train To Doomsville
- Forehead Bros - Circular Motion
- African Head Charge - What A Wonderful Day
- Dub Syndicate & Dr Pablo - No Alternative (but to fight)
- Eskimo Fox - Digital (theme from "On The Wire")

LEE PERRY & DUB SYNDICATE "Time Boom x De Devil Dead"
- Blinkers

to be continued…

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