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1 (Net 28)
1.8.7. "The Cities Collection" (Liquid Sky)
1.8.7. "When Worlds Collide" (Liquid Sky)
10 Years Treibstoff "The Compilation mixed by Marcel Janovsky" (Treibstoff)
10% "File Under Burroughs" (Sub Rosa)
100 (Traum Schallplatten)
2 (Net 28)
2Kilos &More feat. Black Sifichi "10" (Audiophob)
310 "Downtown & Brooklyn Only" (Leaf)
5 Years Of Hyperdub (Hyperdub)
7 Years Affin (Affin Ltd)
-40 (C0C0S0L1DC1T1)
@c "Music For Empty Spaces" (Baskaru)

African Expedisound "Audio Report opus 1" (IOT Records)
Agents With False Memories (Ash Int.)
An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music "Sixth A-Chronology 1957 - 2010" (Sub Rosa)
Antiphony (Ash Int.)
Audiotoop (Korm Plastics)
Autodigest "A Compressed History Of Everything Ever Recorded, Vol.2" (Ash International / Crónica)

Calcutta Cyber Cafe "Drum + Space" (Omni)
Caspa & Rusko / FabricLive.37 (Fabric London)
Cativo "3 Seconds Is Now" (Position Chrome)
Cell Auto Mata "The Devil Is In The Detail" (Ant-Zen)
Chessie "OverNight" (Plug Research)
Chinese Whispers (The Sprawl Imprint)
Chris Carter "Apply The Breaks" (Botchit & Scarper)
Chris Carter "Small Moon" (CTI / World Serpent)
Chris Liebing "Live In Beograd" (CLR)
Chris Liebing / Speedy J "Collabs 3000 : Metalism" (NovaMute)
Chris Watson "Weather Report" (Touch)
Chris Zippel "Genuine Horizon Remixes" (Elektrolux)
Christ "Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle" (Benbecula)
Christof Kurzmann "The Air Between" (Charhizma)
Clicks & Cuts 2 (Mille Plateaux)
Clicks & Cuts 3 (Mille Plateaux)
Clicks & Cuts 4 (Mille Plateaux Media)
Clicks & Cuts 5 "Paradigm Shift" (Mille Plateaux)
Close To Me "Compiled and mixed by Sébastien Bromberger" (Modelisme Records)
Club Meets Dub "V2.0" (Zip Dog Rec.)
Club Meets Dub "V3.0" (Zip Dog Rec.)
Club Meets Dub "V4.0" (Zip Dog Rec.)
Club Transmediale 04 "Fly Utopia" (Data Error)
Column One "The Audience Is Sleeping…" (90% Wasser / Moloko +)
Concept 1 "96:VR (Variations by Thomas Brinkmann)" (U.T.K. Prod. / Minus Inc.)
Concept 1 "CD:96" (U.T.K. Prod. / Minus Inc.)
Concord Dawn "Chaos By Design" (Uprising Records)
Concord Dawn "Disturbance" (K.O.G. Transmissions)
Concord Dawn "Uprising" (Uprising Records)
Condominium (Mousike Lab)
Copier / Coller (Quatermass)
Cosmic Connection "Iambic" (U-Cover)
Cosmic Connection "Zinecode" (Double Space Rec.)
Crooklyn Dub Consortium "Certified dope, vol.1" (WordSound)
Crooklyn Dub Consortium "Certified dope, vol.2" (WordSound)
Crooklyn Dub Outernational "Certified Dope, Vol. 3" (WordSound)
Crooklyn Dub Outernational presents "Certified Dope, vol. 4 : Babylon’s Burning" (WordSound)
Crossways "The Landmark Compilation" (Thinner)
Crystal Distorsion "The Things I4m Not Supposed To Do…" (Expressillon)
Cyantific "Ghetto Blaster" (Hospital Records)

Ed Rush & Optical / Fabriclive 82 (Fabric London)
Enter.Ibiza 2015 / Richie Hawtin presents (M_nus)

Fedayi Pacha "Combat Dub 3 : Oriental Front" (Hammerbass)
Funkstörung "Funkstörung" (Monkeytown Records)

Jacob Kierkegaard "Eldfjall" (Touch)
Jana Winderen "Energy Field" (Touch)
Janek Schaefer "Migration" (Bip Hop)
Joint Ventures (NinebaRec.)
JPLS "The Depths" (M_nus)
Jukebox Buddha (Staubgold)

Meat Beat Manifesto "Autoimmune" (Planet Mu)
Michel Chion / Lionel Marchetti / Jerôme Noetinger "Filarium" (CCAM / Vand'Œuvre)

Orphx "The Sonic Groove Releases Part 2" (Hymen Records)

Phil Von "Blind Ballet" (Ant-Zen)
Philippe Cam "From Lagoon West" (Traum Classics)
Pole "Wald" (Pole Music)

Quality Electronic Music "Sampler 06" (AI Records)
Quantec "Cauldron Subsidence" (Echocord Records)
Quatermass vs Kitty-Yo (Quatermass)
Quest "Hic Locust Quest" (Oblique Soundscapes / Noise Museum Rec.)
Quinoline Yellow "Dol-Goy Assist" (Skam)

Servovalve "Necromasse" (M-Tronic)

The Orb featuring David Gilmour "Metallic Spheres" (Columbia)
Two Point Two (12 k + LINE)

Warp20 (Unheard) (Warp)
Water & Architecture (Sub Rosa)
Weapons Of Mass Creation "Two" (Hospital Records)
Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Wordsound)
Wild Shores "Optophonia" (Optical Sound)
Witchman "Heavy Traffic" (Deviant)
Witchman vs Jammin’ Unit "Inferno" (Blue Planet)
Wolgang Voigt "20 Minuten, GAS Im November" (Noton / RasterMusic)
WOR.CD.01 "mixed by Rob Paine" (Worship Recordings)

Zeitkratzer & Carsten Nicolai / Kenji Haino / Terre Thaemlitz "Electronics" (Zeitkratzer Records)
Zonk't "Itching" (Brume Records)
Zonk't "Purr" (Sound On Probation)
Zorn "The City's Collapsing (but not tonight)" (Lux Nigra / HausMusik)
Zzzzra "Obehixa" (Entropy Records)