AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE : live band & sound system

AFROPOP : all hip deep

ALPHA & OMEGA : roots & culture

ARIWA : Mad Professor

AUDIO ACTIVE : Tokyo space cowboys

AVANTROOTS : dub, instrumental hip hop, ambient, idm, dubstep, house…

BASIC CHANNEL / CHAIN REACTION : dub from the third type…

BEAT INK : the Japan connection

BILL LASWELL : bass terror…
BILL LASWELL : InnerRhythmic
BILL LASWELL : M.O.D. Technologies

BLOOD & FIRE : oldies but goldies

CIRCONIUM : electronic-minimal-dub from Berlin

COLLISION : cause of chapter 3…

CONTROL TOWER RECORDS : international reggae music

CULTURE DUB : dreadzine

DEADBEAT : disaster in the dancehall…

DEEP SPACE MEDIA : captures the dub edge of the party…

DJ SPOOKY : that subliminal dub mix…

DRUM & BASS ARENA : break, beats & bass…

DUB MONITOR : the story of dub techno (in 17 minutes)
DUB MONITOR : Burial, Silent Season, DeepChord, Fluxion & more…

DUBAMIX : dub militant

DUB COM : dub music worldwide

DUB FLASH : all about dub

DUBMISSION : dubwise electronica

DUB MONITOR : dub, drone, techno & electronic music

DUBMORPHOLOGY : sound, moving image and computational creativity

DUB SELECTOR : the interactive targets…

DUB SYNDICATE : the show is coming…

DUB TECHNO BLOG : for those deeper sounds

ECHO BEACH : international dub reggae

ECHOCORD : circling around dub music

ECHOSPACE [DETROIT] : Intrusion, Soultek, Variant…

HAMMERBASS : dub action…

HYPERDUB : Kode9, Burial, The Bug…

HOSPITAL RECORDS : Logistics, Nu:Tone, Cyantific, London Elektricity…

IRATION STEPPAS : dubz from de higher regionz

JAH SHAKA : commandments of dub…

JAH WOBBLE : a dub transmission

JAMMIN REGGAE-DUB : the dub-encyclopaedia

KING TUBBY : sound system
KING TUBBY : also known as Osbourne Ruddock

LEE PERRY : The Upsetter
LEE PERRY : also known as Pipecock Jackson, Rainford Hugh Perry…
LEE PERRY : Vision of Paradise (true godfather of reggae documentary)

LKJ : dub poet dub…


MARK STEWART : dub is a political attitude

MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO : storm the studio

METEOSOUND : Daniel Meteo & Bus

MIDNIGHT RAVER : reggae / dub / roots / culture…

MIKEY DREAD : dread at the control ! (R.I.P.)
MIKEY DREAD : combination style…

MORITZ VON OSWALD : talks dub, remixing, and being inspired…

MUSICAL ECHOES : dub, roots & sound system culture

ON-U SOUND : Adrian Sherwood
ON-U SOUND : On-U Stream…
ON-U SOUND : Starship Africa, an On-U Sound forum
ON-U SOUND : in the area !
ON-U SOUND : JRBrinks / archives, lives & rarities
ON-U SOUND : Sunday Roast
ON-U SOUND : Sunday Roast #2

PIRANHA SIBERIA DUB : dub techno straight from the heart of Siberia

PITCH BLACK : trance-ambient-dub

PRESSURE SOUNDS : oldies but goldies

PRINCE FAR I : tribute to the voice of thunder…

PRINCE JAMMY : also known as King Jammy, Lloyd James

RHETORIC OF REGGAE DUB : Alfred Charles Snider / university of Vermont

R.O.I.R. : punky-reggae-dub

ROOTS ARCHIVES : database from 1970 to 1985

SCIENTIST : also known as Overton Brown
SCIENTIST : scientific dub…

SCION VERSIONS : Substance & Vainqueur

SELECT CUTS : a new chapter

SOUL JAZZ RECORDS : from ska to dubstep…

SOUNDS AROUND : electronic & dubadelik label

TACK>>HEAD : the vanishing point
TACK>>HEAD : mind at the end of the tether

TAPIR'S REGGAE DISCOGRAPHIES : 7"s & 12"s collectors

TEMPA : dubstep allstars…

THE DISCIPLES : boom-shacka-lacka…

THE DREAD LIBRARY : essays from the university of Vermont

THE DUB DIRECTORY : which Reggae songs were used…?

THE DUB LP ARCHIVES : oldies but goldies

THE DUB SCROLLS : dub culture & technique

THE ORB : adventures beyond dub
THE ORB : blog
THE ORB : back side

WORDSOUND : dub-hop

ZION TRAIN : Universal Egg

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