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Acro "On That Day EP" (Switch Off)
Adria Duch "Free Future" (Insectorama)
Aura Fresh "Dubbing Outdoor (volume two)" (Chord Plaza)
Best Of 2021 (Delsin)
BT Gate X-138 "Granitnyy Ultradeep" (Space Of Variants)
Deadbeat "The Zarabat Tehran Session" (BLKRTZ)
Dr. Nojoke "Berlin Gamelan" (Clikno)
Dubtil ‎"Anume EP" ([a:rpia:r])
E110 "Soroka" (Odrex Music)
Echocord "20 Years" (Echocord)
Elektro Guzzi "Trip" (Elektro Guzzi)
Espectrum II (AvantRoots)
Exos "Q-Box Remixed" (X/OZ)
Exposure Series "001" (Greyscale)
Faserklang "Focus On Distraction (the remixes)" (Drift Deeper)
Fragile X "Between Worlds" (Soundtracking The Void)
Giacomo Pellegrino "Dub Experience" (Detroit Side)
Gradient "Protocols" (Ranges)
Heiki "Dub Town" (Paper+Sound)
Ignacio Tardieu "Fade To Grey" (Greyscale)
Ion Ludwig "Changed" (Ion Ludwig)
Kenneth Bager "Fragments From A Dub Cadet" (Music For Dreams)
Kumugyĭ (Lett Records)
Lefthandsoundsystem "Best Of Lefthandsoundsystem Vol 1" (Mufon)
Liuos "Naming Controversy" (Lucidflow)
Milk Tea Alliance (44 Tours)
Mingung (Huinali Recordings)
Monopsia "Ultimate Sophistication" (Pertin-nce)
Nicolas Barnes "25th Frequency" (Ecoul SND)
Nordena "Continent" (Nordena)
Nova Materia "Xpujil" (Made To Measure Vol. 45 / Crammed Discs)
Phantom Network "Transmigration" (Odrex Music)
Promet "Vaanhasen" (Promet)
Ryoji Ikeda "Music For Installations Vol.1" (Codex Edition)
Selected Works "Series 1" (Indefinite Pitch)
Shaman "The Art" (Cold Tear)
Sub Signals Vol. 2 "Selected And Mixed By Gaudi" (Dubmission)
Subset "Corruption Of Form" (Superordinate Dub Waves)
Taras Vinnichenko "Mirror Of Dream" (Greyscale)
The Open Circle "Höfn" (Insectorama)
The Orb "Abolition Of The Royal Familia (Guillotine Mixes)" (Cooking)

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