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0/10 Anniversary (Baum Records)
3Voice "Soul Prince EP" (Kopoc Label)
A-Bell "Memores Salis" (Simphonic Silence Inside)
Akasha Chronicles "Akasha" (AHAAD)
Bryce "Atmospheric Tools" (Saint And Dont Music)
Bt Gate X-138 "Deep Prospekt" (YinYang)
Cocoon Compilation R (Cocoon Recordings)
CV313 "Satosphere Sessions" (Echospace [Detroit])
Deadbeat "Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve" (Blkrtz)
Denny Kay "Contrast" (Ubertrend Records)
Dub Defense "Waterfall EP" (Soul Rebel Recordings) + "Ease Selecta LP" (Liquid Drops)
Dub Detroit "Emote EP" (Electronic Tree)
Dub Taylor "Wind Tower EP" (Ein(takt))
Dubphone "Used And Confused" (Vandalism Musique)
Dystopian Soundscapes ‎"Ωmega" (Arctic Dub Records)
Electronic Seikilos "Social Action For Electronic Music" (USM Recordings)
Family Horror X "Good Times" (Kann Records)
Fluxion "VF II Remixes" (Subwax Bcn)
Forest Drive West "Apparitions" (Livity Sound)
Gas "Rausch" (Kompakt)
Heavenchord "Hallucination Dub Experience" (Cold Tear Records)
Idealist "Mind Field" (Echocord)
Iiney "Body Solo" (Simphonic Silence Inside)
Karl Marx's 200th (Karlrecords)
Kirill Matveev pres. Marbled Dubs #2 (Mixcult)
Lars Leonhard & Roman Ridder "Patterns In Nature" (LL&RR)
Laika Come Home "Anxious Eyes Like Endless Freefall" (Harmless Sounds)
Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs "Ymfees" (Bokeh Versions)
Melodic Mode "Environmentals" (Space Of Variants)
Mihail P "Multiverse EP" (Distant Worlds)
Nacho Sanchez "Orion EP" (Someday Lab)
Paul St. Hilaire + Rhauder "Reconstructed I + II + II" (Sushitech Records)
Pinch & Peverelist present In Deep (Livity Sound)
Pop Ambient 2018 (Kompakt)
Sanjib "From Earth To Heaven" (Lett Records)
Scanner "Mass Observation (expanded)" (Room40)
Sibling "Obfuscating" (Greyscale)
Sjazd "Lost Coast" (Lett Records)
Skoll / Simone Bauer "Accentape005" (Accents Records)
Smoke "Kemuri No Demo" (89:Ghost)
The Eternal Chord "Semper Liber" (Touch.)
The Field "Infinite Moment" (Kompakt)
The Midnight Manual (Midnight Shift Records)
Thomas Fehlmann "Los Lagos" (Kompakt)
Tim Kossmann "In The Garden EP" (Kunst Musik)
Vromb "Noize Mélodia" (Ant-Zen)
Wanderwelle "Gathering of the ancient spirits" (Silent Season)
Zero Gravity (Interchill)
Zol "Constellations" (Greyscale)
Zoltan Ban "Lustrum" (MixCult)

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