playlist 2017



2 Years Of Dub Waves (Superordinate Dub Waves)
Al Chem "Weird Fiction" (Art Yard)
Andaman "Parallel Vision" (Ovunqve)
Andy Clap "Srong Progression" (Ubertrend Records)
Arovane "Module 2 EP" (Arovane)
ASC "Eccentric Orbits" (Silent Season)
Beating Heart / South Africa (Beating Heart)
Bigeneric "Spielmanda" (Inzec / Mental Groove Records)
Bleupulp "Future Zero EP" (BleepSequence)
Breathdub "Modulations" (Timelapse Of Dream)
Burnt Friedman "Anthology: 1980-2017" (Nonplace)
Chronicles (ODrex Music)
Cobbra "Iris EP" (Mind&Vision)
Compilation I (Yinyang)
CV313 "Dimensional Space (Alchemy edition)" (Echospace [Detroit])
Db1 "Zwischenwelt" (Hidden Hawaï)
Deepchord presents Echospace "Ghost In The Sound (Live in Detroit)" (Echospace [Detroit])
Diferit "Long Ago" (Dfrt Music)
Dis & Dat "Slow EP" (Yoruba Grooves)
Displacer "The Face You Deserve" (Hymen Records)
Dive Craft "Kopfkino" (Uber Trend Records)
Dread "In Dub" (Ant-Zen) [= Lustmord]
Dub Like Air "Volume 2" (Drift Deeper)
Earthen Sea "A Serious Thing"(Earthen Sea)
Echo Delta "Within" (Cold Tears Records)
From Ambient To Dub 2017 (Technofonika Records)
Gradient "Dub Trips" (Greyscale)
Heavenchord "From Silent Constellation" (Hello Strange)
IIVII Retrospective 2014-2017 (IIVII)
I-LP-O In Dub "Capital Dub Chapter 1" (Editions Mego) [= Ilpo Väisänen / Pan Sonic]
John Ov3rblast "Sounds Of The Universe" (Spaceal Orbeats)
Kettenkarussell "Insecurity Guard" (Giegling)
Kirill Matveev pres. Figure Dubs #1 (MixCult)
Lars Leonhard "Interstellar" (LL)
Laslo ‎"Minden Nap Vasárnap" (Greta Cottage Workshop)
Low Jack vs Time Cow ‎"Glacial Dancehall 2" (Bokeh Versions)
Mohlao "Landforms" (Silent Season)
Octo Octa "Adrift 12"" (HNYTRX)
Osiris Music 50 (Osiris Music UK)
Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder "Derdeoc" (Sushitech Records)
Phantom Network "Nightscape" (P.N.)
Pheek "Intra" (Archipel)
Polarity "Mixed By Focal" (Ultimae Records)
Radius "Interpolation Tapes [Restoration One / Two / Three]" (Echospace [Detroit])
Riko Forinson / Little Helpers 280 (Little Helpers)
Rødhåd "Remixed EP" (Dystopian)
Roger Gerressen "(presents) Monoaware" (Sushitech Records)
Samurai Music Decade "Phase 1" (Samurai Music)
Scanner "The Great Crater" (Glacial Movements)
Scuba "Singles & Extras 2005 - 2007" (Scuba)
Sherwood & Pinch "Man vs Sofa" (On-U Sound / Tectonic)
Sibling "Shadows" (SK Black)
Slapback 1 (Telrae)
Spectral Decay (City Forest Records)
Sraunus "Atmospheric Insomnia" (Greyscale)
Subset "Skyline Remix Edition" (Superordinate Dub Waves)
Subskan "Ambidextrous Asylums" (Hymen Records)
Tale Of Us "Endless (Remixes)" (Deutsche Grammophon)
Tender H "Dub Time" (Cold Tears Records)
The Orb "The Orb Chronicles - 20 Years Of Shitkatapult" (Shitkatapult)
Tin Man "Dripping Acid" (Global A Records)
Touch Movements / Jon Wozencroft (Touch.)
TvSky "Reaching The Serene" (Cyan)
Two Years of Askance Discs (Askance Discs)

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