playlist 2014



2562 "The New Today" [When In Doubt]

2kilos &More feat Black Sifichi "10 (live & remixes)" [Audiophob]

Actress "Ghettoville" [Werk Discs / Ninja Tune]

Advanced Dreams "Islands Of Memory" [Lantern]

Alexander Dahlmann "Matter Waves" [Deeptakt Records]

Ambient Rounds Vol. 2 [Dock Records]

Application "System Fork" [Dust Science Recordings]

Aura Fresh "Beyond The Five Scenes" [Rohs! Records]

Ayqix "Tarikapuy" [Temiong Recordings]

Calyx & Teebee / Fabriclive 76 [Fabric Records]

Chris Dubflow "Delay construct" [Everest Records]

Conforce "Depth Over Distance" [Delsin]

Cristian Vogel "Polyphonic Beings" [Shitkatapult]

Deepchord "Lanterns" [Astral Industries]

Displacer & Nimon "House Of The Dying Sun" [Hymen Records]

Dusty Kid "III" (2xCD) [Isolade Records]

Echo Delta "Digital Lifeforms" [Cold Tear Records]

Elektro Guzzi "Observatory" [Macro]

Erika "Hexagon Cloud RMXD 2.0" [Interdimensional Transmissions]

Frankie Serious "Mnestic/Roaches EP" [The-Zone Records]

Hagel / Unison / Noha "Good News EP" [Nabuco Records]

In Woods They Dwell [Electrosphere Records]

Ital "Endgame" [Planet Mu]

Itzone "Ambient Theory" [Thirteen Moons Recordings]

Joergmueller "Heavy Heart" [ZeECc / Cold Tear Records]

Kaito "Less Time Until The End" [Kompakt]

Kangding Ray "Solens Arc" [Raster Noton]

Kraken "Untitled" [Raubbau]

Lars Leonhard "Dark Tales From The Woods" [Lars Leonhard]

Logistics "Polyphony" [Hospital Records]

Lugi Tozzi "Deep Blue" [Hypnus Records]

Martin Schulte "Forest" [Lantern]

Mary Velo "Kofun Era" [Gynoid Audio]

Maxim Wolzyn "Intercity Express" [SVS Records]

Mind Over Midi "Polyphony" [Silent Season]

Musicians With Guns "Overstepping Artifacts" [Entropy Records]

Narcotic 303 "Red Planet - Remix Contest" [DeepInDub]

Oliver Lieb "Inside Voices" [Psychonavigation Records]

Orphx "The Sonic Groove Releases Pt. 1" [Hymen Records]

Paralelo "Berlin Wall Of Sound" [Unoiki]

Passages "Framed By Nova" [Ultimae Records]

Pattern Repeat [Pattern Repeat]

Perverse "Champion Dub" [New Moon Recordings]

Pheek "Feux Follets" [Archipel]

Pinkcourtesyphone "A Ravishment Of Mirror" [Dragon's Eye Recordings]

Pop Ambient 2014 [Kompakt]

RoughLung "Untitled" [Cleaning Tapes]

Scanner "Electronic Garden" [BineMusic]

Séquence [Radiant Child's]

Shinichi Atobe "Butterfly Effect" [Demdike Stare]

Shxcxchcxsh "Linear S Decoded" [Avian]

Space Afrika "Above The Concrete / Below The Concrete" [Where To Now?]

Spear "Blood Inside EP" [White Rose Records]

Tales of dub and techno vol. 5 [Complex Textures]

Telrae "Mix by Salz Vol. 3" [Telrae]

Thirty [Dreiton]

Tobias. "Remixes EP" [Ostgut Ton]

Toby Dreher "Anni Male" [Rotary Cocktail Rec.]

Vladislav Delay "Visa" [Ripatti]

Wet Basement "Scan & Sequence" [Wet Basement]

Yac ‎"Viscaria EP" [Instabil]

Yagya ‎"Sleepygirls" [Delsin]

Yair Etziony "Baltia" [False Industries]

Yuka "Episodes of Yesterday" [Silent Season]


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