playlist 2013


30.2 "Electronica, Experimental And Noise From Africa" [Syrphe]
A Guy Called Gerald "Silent Sound Spread Spectrum" [Bowers & Wilkins - Society Of Sound 60 / Real World]
Actress "Silver Cloud" [Werk Discs / Ninja Tune]
Alme & Pawas "Fog" [Sova 01]
Am.Light ‎"Slow Nights" [Dewtone Recordings]
Anton Zap "Water" [Apollo]
Atabey ‎"The Alignment On The 12/12/12" [Insectorama]
Auxcast Volume One [Auxilliary]
Bleaching Agent "Stride By Stride" [Opal Tapes]
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay ‎"Elegy For Bangalore / Eye Contact With The City" [Gruenrekorder]
Buttha "Magic Island" [Elux Records]
China Expedisound "Remix Contest" [I.O.T. Records]
Chris Watson "In St Cuthbert's Time" [Touch]
Colonization "Empty Channels Of Mars" [Lagunamuch Community]
Dadub "You Are Eternity" [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Deepchord "20 Electrostatic Soundfields" [Soma Quality Recordings]
DeepDubing "My Atmosphere Of The Forest" [Deep-X-Recordings]
Diamat "Being Is The Sum Of Appearing" [n5md]
Die Welt Is Klang "A Tribute to Pete Namlook" [Carpe Sonum]
DJ Sprinkles "Queerifications & Ruins : collected remixes by DJ Sprinkles" [Mule Music]
Drumcell ‎"Sleep Complex" [CLR]
Dublicator "Calm" [Dublicator / Bandcamp]
Emptyset "Recur" [Raster-Noton]
Enervant "Palescent Tints" [Cold Tear Records]
Erich Schall ‎"Distant Twirl" [Basic_Sounds]
Erosion V/A "DZ-023 Compilation" [Doppt Zykkler]
Fabio Scalabroni "Otro Mundo" [BioRecordings]
Fischerle "The Big Sleep" [U-Cover]
Gamma Gabriel "Monotonous Moods" [Opilec Music]
Gaudi "In Between Times" [Six Degrees Records]
Gradient "Evening Becomes Night" [U-Cover]
Hospitality Drum & Bass 2013 [Hospital Records]
Johannes Heil ‎"Figure SPC Q" [Figure SPC]
Kaito "Until The End Of Time" [Kompakt]
Keysound Recordings presents… This Is How We Roll [Keysound Recordings]
Koen Lybaert "Dead Whale Floating" [CDr] [U-Cover]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse "Musik Gewinnt Freunde Collection" [Musik Gewinnt Freunde]
Lagardere "Take A Deep Breath EP" [Vanina Hänin]
Marat Shibaev "Seeing Tokyo" [Lantern / Nature Bliss]
Marcel Dettman "Dettman II" [Ostgut Ton]
Maria Goetz "Nuronal EP" [KRecordings]
Mat3r Dolorosa "Think About Your Future Now" [Jarring Effects]
Mika Vainio "Kilo" [Blast First Petite]
Miktek "Elsewhere" [Ultimae Records]
Minilogue "Blomma" [Cocoon Recordings]
Minimal Boffin "Averment" [Cold Tear Records]
Mollono.Bass "Remix Collection" [3000°]
Nahr "An Ubiquitous Matter / Novice" [200 Records]
Naw "Subnatural Symbolic Synthesis" [Pertin_nce]
Octal Industries "Meeting Of The Waves" [Entropy Records]
Oscar Mulero "Unknown Landscapes Vol. 1" [PoleGroup]
Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory "Elements Of Lights" [Rough Trade]
Pobedia "Polaris" [Cold Fiction Music]
Pop Ambient 2013 [KOMPAKT]
Ryoji Ikeda ‎"Supercodex" [Raster Noton]
Space DJz "Space Dubs" [Artform Records]
Technical Itch ‎"Progression Threat - Part One" [Technical Itch Digital]
The Black Dog "Tranklements" [Dust Science Recordings]
The Field "Cupid's Head" [Kompakt]
The Nautilus Project "Drowning In Nature" [Forest Roots]
The Ruptured Sessions "Volume 5" [Ruptured]
Thirteen Ghosts "Spiel:Feld Compilation 001" [Spiel:Feld]
Till Krüger "Motor City EP" [200 Records]
Unknown Artist " Knowone Black Box" [Knowone]
VA-WR037 [Cassette] [Wil-Ru Records]
Various Artist #1 [Rosh! Records]
Vincent Epplay "Audio Technic Catalog : notices, méthodes & pédagogies" [PPT / Stembogen]




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