playlist 2012



Actress "R.I.P." [Honest Jon's]

All-Stars [Wagon Repair Ltd]

Basti Grub "Primavera" [Hoehenregler]

Brendon Moeller "Works" [Electric Deluxe]

Butane "Little Helpers Mixed: Volume One" [Little Helpers]

Bvdub "Serenity" [Darla]

Cari Lekebusch "Are You A Hybrid Too" [H-Productions]

Cavalerra (featuring Joaquin) "Spectrum" [Broque]

Christian Löffler "A Forest" [Ki Records]

D.Diggler "Works" [Resopal Schallware]

Deepchord "Sommer" [Soma Recordings]

Deepchord presents Echospace "Silent World (original motion picture soundtrack)" [Echospace [detroit]]

Dino Sabatini "Shaman's Paths" [Prologue]

Getdarker presents This Is Dubstep 2012 [GetDarker]

Glitterbug "Cancerboy" [c.sides]

High Damage "High Tone meets Brain Damage" [Jarring Effects]

Kangding Ray "The Pentaki Slopes" (12") [Raster-Noton]

Kid606 "Lost In The Game" [Tigerbeat6]

Lamont Kohner ‎"Willamette Dubs" [Wil-Ru Records]

Leif Elggren "Under The Couch" [Firework Edition Records]

Loxy & Resound "Burning Shadows" [Exit Records]

Mala "In Cuba" [Brownswood Recordings]

Marko Fürstenberg "Gesamtlaufzeit" [Rotary Cocktail Rec.]

Minilogue "Let Life Dance Thru You" [Traum Schallplatten]

Mon0 "Monolog" [Sublime Porte]

Monolake "Ghosts" [Imbalance Computer Music]

Motionfield "A Sort Of Homecoming" [Autoload]

Muennich / Esposito / Jupitter-Larsen ‎"The Wraiths Of Flying A" [Firework Edition Records]

Norman Nodge / Berghain 06 [Ostgut Ton]

Ov3rblast [Monokrak]

Overcast Sound "Popoloco" [Falk Recordings]

Panorama No.3 [Eintakt]

Photek / Dj Kicks [!K7]

Roberto Figus "Azure EP" [Insectorama]

S_W_Z_K [Tresor]

Shangaan Shake [Honest Jon's Records]

Shed "The Killer" [50 Weapons]

Shifted "Crossed Paths" [Mote Evolver]

Shinsuke Matsumoto "Lantern" [Ay]

Slam "Groovelock (Deepchord / Echospace remixes)" [Soma Quality Recordings]

Soma Coma 6 [Soma Quality Recordings]

Stefan Gubatz "Distanz" [Telrae]

Stefny Winter "Wind Walker" [Archipel]

Tonikom "Found And Lost" [Hymen]

Too Much To Move "The Quiet Village Remixes" [Pyramids Of Mars / Rekids]

Tour De Traum V "Mixed By Riley Reinhold" [Traum Schallplatten]

Vejopatis "Taskas" [Cold Tear Records]

Voices From The Lake (feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel) [Prologue]

Way Of The Samurai 2 "Code Of Honour" [Samurai Music]


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