playlist 2011



All-Stars [Wagon Repair Ltd]

Badawi "The Axiom Ep" [Bass Blood Lines Vol. 1 / The Agriculture]

Banned Book "Holographic Relationchip" [Peace Technologies]

Best Of 200 Records 2011 [200 Records]

Biodub "Reisegefährte" [Ki Records]

Biosphere "N-Plants" [Touch]

Chris Watson "El Tren Fantasma" [Touch]

Contagious Orgasm "Escape" [Ant-Zen]

Coppice Halifax / Monoaxial "ABX10" [Milieu Music]

Daniel Blomqvist "Duskhugger" [Sutemos]

Danielo Schneider "Short Image In My Brain" [Enough!]

Deepchord "Hash-Bar Loops" [Soma Quality Recordings]

Demdike Stare "Triptych" [Modern Love]

DML "Munique EP" (digital) [Broque Records]

Donnie Dubson "Monday Is The New Sunday" [Fokuz Recordings]

Donato Dozzy "K" [Further Records]

Echocord Jubilee Comp. [Echocord]

Echologist "Subterranean" [Steadfast Records]

Elektro Guzzi "Parquet" [Macro]

Erich Schall ‎"Tröte" [Der Kleine Grüne Würfel]

F.L.O 'Food For Thoughts' [Cold Tear Records]

Falty DL "You Stand Uncertain" [Planet Mu]

Kanding Ray "Or" [Raster Noton]

Karsten Pflum "No Noia My Love" [Hymen Records]

Korablove "Sociopath's Diary" [Pro-Tez Records]

Kromestar "Colourful Vibrations" [Dubstep For Deep Heads]

Landscapes Of The Future [Greener Records]

Lars Leonhard "1549" [BineMusic]

Liquid Level "Transitions" [Entropy Records]

LO "Soft Exporure" [Entropy Records]

Marcel Fengler / Berghain 05 [Ostgut Ton]

Marcus Intalex "21" [soul:r]

Michal Wolski "1 24 AM" [Minicromusic]

Millipede "Powerless" [Hymen]

Moshic "The World Project" [Contrast]

Obsolete Components Vol. 2 [Obsolete Components]

Overcast Sound "Beneath The Grain" [Entropy Records]

Pantha Du Prince "XI Versions Of Black Noise" [Rough Trade]

Resoe "The Black Void Of Space…" [Echocord]

Robag Wruhme "Wuppdeckmischmampflow" [Kompakt]

The Eerier Child "Nightmare Concert" [Mindtrick Records]

The Resistance Of Aguilar "Tapes Part I + Part Ii" [Entropy Records]

Tleilaxu "Bornagain" [UnfoundSound]




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