playlist 2008



1 [Net28]

Alva Noto "Unitxt" [Raster-Noton]

Andy Stott "Unknown Exception (Selected Tracks Vol. 1)" [Modern Love]

Audible Geography [Room40]

Audiomatique Volume 2.0 "mixed by Adultnapper" [Audiomatique]

Axel Bartsch "Kiss" [Karmarouge]

Beat Pharmacy "Wikkid Times" [Deep Space Media]

Benga "Diary Of An Afro Warrior" [Tempa]

Casualty "Version 5.2" [Syncope]

Chris Zippel "Genuine Horizon Remixes" [Elektrolux]

CMYK (mp3) [Sutemos]

dBridge "The Gemini Principle" [Exit Records]

Dead Man's Hand "Poker Flat Volume 6" [Poker Flat Recordings]

Deadbeat "Roots And Wire" [Wagon Repair]

D'Incise "Les Restes Du Festin" (CD-R Ltd Edition) [Test Tube / D'incise]

Dinner Music For Clubbers "Peter Grummich plays Staubgold" [Staubgold]

Distance "Repercussions" [Planet Mu]

DL_1.01 (SD-Card 1 Go, 500 ex.) [Deeper-Level]

Dom & Roland "Through The Looking Glass" [Dom & Roland Productions]

Drei "mixed on two decks by Chris Tietjen" [Cocoon Recordings]

Dubstars "From Dub To Disco & From Disco To Dub" [Echo Beach]

Dusk + Blackdown "Margins Music" [Keysound Recordings]

Falko Brocksieper "Heavy Day" [Sub Static]

Fuse presents Adam Beyer [n.e.w.s.]

Gaiser "Blank Fade" [M_nus]

Glitterbug "Supershelter" [C.Sides Label]

John Digweed "Transitions Vol. 4" [Renaissance]

Klangwart "Stadtlandfluss" [Staubgold]

Lena & The Floating Roots Orchestra "Lost Wax" [Plush]

Loco Dice "7 Dunham Place" (DVD limited edition) [Desolat]

Logistics "Reality Checkpoint" [Hospital Records]

Luke Solomon "The Difference Engine" [Rekids]

Lulu Rouge "Bless You" [Music For Dreams]

M.B. + E.D.A. "Regolettronische" [Baskaru]

Mahmoud Refat / Mort Aux Vaches [Staaalplaat]

Martin Eyer "World Of Mouth" [Kling Klong]

Mary Anne Hobbs presents "Evangeline" [Planet Mu]

Mauxuam "Viceversa" [InterChill Records]

Meat Beat Manifesto "Autoimmune" [Planet Mu]

Michael Esposito / FM Einheit "The Sallie House" [Firework Edition Records]

Mike Shannon "Memory Tree" [M_nus]

Mikkel Metal "Peaks And Throughs" [Echocords]

Mimetic X "One More Than Nine" (Livre + 2 mCDs) [Les Arts Mini / Ant-Zen]

Minilogue "Animals" [Cocoon Recordings]

Model 500 "Starlight" (remixes) [EchoSpace Detroit]

Mongolia Expedisound "Audio Video report" (DVD + CD) [Cyclid Prod. / IOT Records]

Now [Underscan]

Overview "[LesIzmo:r]" [Lessizmore Records]

Palo Alto "Terminal Sidéral (live 2005 - 2007 / music and films)" (CD + DVD) [Optical Sound]

Perfect Lifeform (mp3) [Deepindub]

Peter Rehberg "Work For GV 2004-2008" [Editions Mego]

Pridon "Apnea Eina" [Low Impedance Recordings]

Raz Mesinai's Badawi "Unit Of Resistance" [R.O.I.R.]

Round Black Ghosts [~Scape]

Sasha "The Emfire Collection : Mixed, Unmixed & Remixed" [Emfire]

Saturday, I'm In Love "Chapter 1 mixed & compiled by Solomun" [Diyanamic Music]

Sgt Pepper's Lony Heart Dub Band 2 (mp3) [Qunabu]

Shonky "Time Zero" [Freak N' Chic]

Spiral Tribe "Respect To Hardcore Mother Earth" [Expressillon]

Sten "The Essence" [Dial]

Steppas' Delight "Dubstep Present To Future" [Soul Jazz Records]

Subsonic Park "Inner City Codes" [Elektrolux]

Sven Väth in the mix "The Sound Of The Ninth Season" [Cocoon Recordings]

Telemetrik "My Lightyear" [Black Sun Empire]

The Studio Stereo 001 (Ltd 100 ex.) [The Studio Stereo]

Thomas Brinkmann "When Horses Die…" [Max Ernst]

Triple R "Selection 6" [Trapez / Traum Schallplatten]

Tsé "La Ralentie" [Optical Sound]

Vision Sonic 5 "Lives Video Performances" [Explosive TV]

VVAA "Mus…c" (mp3) [Crónica]

Walking Spirits (mp3) [Deepindub]






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