playlist 2007


10 Years Treibstoff "The Compilation mixed by Marcel Janovsky" [Treibstoff]
77 "Schlummerlieds" (mp3) [Qunabu]
100 [Thinner]
Ashtech "Walkin' Target" [Interchill Records]
Beat Pharmacy "Steadfast" [Deep Space Media / Wave Music]
Ben Frost "Theory Of Machines" [Bedroom Community]
Benno Blome "From Antenna To Antenna 1" [Sender]
Box Of Dub "Dubstep And Future Dub" [SoulJazz Records]
Boxer 50 Jubilee "Compiled and mixed by Frank Martiniq" [Boxer Recordings]
Cadenza "Contemporary 01 : compiled & mixed by Luciano + Classics" [Cadenza Records]
Deadbeat "Journeyman's Annual" [~Scape]
Deckard "Past Is The Past" (mp3) [S!te Records]
Deep Sea Shipping "Mixed by Lazzyfish" [Lagunamuch]
Demo Tracks (mp3) [Thinner]
Dimomib "Insect Mating LP" (mp3) [Insectorama]
Dominik Eulberg "Heimische Gefilde" [Traum]
Dubblestandart "Immigration Dub" [Collision : Cause Of Chapter 3]
Dubsuite "ReArranged" (mp3) [Stadtgruen]
Expansion "Contraction" [M_Nus]
Ezekiel "Naphtaline" (CD + DVD) [Jarring Effects]
False "2007" [M_nus]
Floating Mind "Circular Music" (mp3) [Urgence Disk]
Future Exposed (BD + CD) [I.O.T. Records]
Gabriel Ananda "Bambusbeats" [Karmarouge Records]
Gavin Bryars / Alter Ego / Philip Jeck "The Sinking Of The Titanic (1969-)" [Touch]
Israël Quellet "Oppressum" [Sub Rosa]
Klute "The Emperors New Clothes" [Commercial Suicide]
Limmat "Municipal 44" (CD+DVD) [C0c0s0l1dc1t1]
Liquid Level "Level Shapes" (mp3) []
L-R & Radio Mentale "I Could Never Make That Music Again" [Sub Rosa]
Marcus Intalex / FabricLive. 35 [Fabric London]
Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein "Movement" [My Best Friend]
Merka "Berseka" [Fat! Records]
Metamatics & Norken "My Favorite Kind Of Irrelevance" [Hydrogen Dukebox]
Mookid "Bubble" (mp3) [Knobs]
Naw "City Saturate" [Noise Factory Records]
Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation "N.I.C. In dub" [HammerBass]
New (Dub) Excursion "Electronik & Dubadelik Excursion" [Sounds Around]
Normoton Gold [Normoton]
Otomo Yoshihide "Monochrome Otomo + The Multiple Otomo Project" (CD + DVD) [Asphodel]
Periferico "Sounds From Beyond The Bubble (curated by Victor Gama)" (CD + Livret) [Sonic Art Network]
Pitch Black "Rude Mechanicals" [DubMission Records]
Pole "Steingarten" + "Steingarten Remixes" [~Scape]
Rancho Relaxo Allstars "The Answer is Always Yes" [Abe Duque Records]
Randy Greif & Kenji Siratori "Narcoleptic Cells" [Thisco]
Retina.It "Semeion" [Hefty Records]
Ricardo Villalobos / Fabric36 [Fabric London]
Roots Of Dub Funk 6 "Variations On A Dub Theme" [Tanty Records]
Ryaz Master "Machine Readable Data Made In India part 001" [Loop Century / Thisco]
Signal "Robotron" [Raster Noton]
Skull Disco "Soundboy Punishments" [Skull Disco]
Steve Bug / Fabric.37 [Fabric London]
Sunka "Breakstorming" [Key On A Records]
Szely "Processing Other Perspectives" [Mosz]
Tayo / FabricLive. 32 [Fabric London]
Terminal Sound System "Compressor" [Extreme]
The Art Of Chill 4 "Mixed by The Orb" [Platipus]
The Halfler Trio "Ignotium Per Ignotius" [Korm Plastics]
The Orb "The Dream" [Traffic Inc.]
Thomas Felhmann "Honigpumpe" [Kompakt]
Time Warp "Compilation 07 - mixed by Loco Dice" [Time Warp]
Tonikom "Epoch" [Hymen]
Vladislav Delay "Whistleblower" [Huume Recordings]
Vromb "Sous Hypnose" [Ant-Zen]
Wild Shores "Optophonia" (CD-Rom) [Optical Sound]
Xoki / Hieronymus "Dub World Order (The Album)" (mp3) [Kyoto Digital]
Yair Etzionik "Flawed" [Spekk]
Zonk't "-Trope" [Sound On Probation]
Zwei "Mixed by Chris Tietjen" [Cocoon Recordings]


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