playlist 2006



Alka_Rex "Shapes To Phases" [SupraLinear by Mille Plateaux]

Ars Deco "The Missing Parts Of Us" (MP3) [S!te Records]

Beat Pharmacy "Constant Pressure" [Deep Space Media"]

Ben Businovski "Simulacraic Wonderland" (mp3) [Thinner]

Black To Comm "Rückwärts Backwards" [Dekorder]

Burial "Burial" [Hyperdub]

Carpe Diem "mixed by Teebee" [Renegade Hardware]

Chris Liebing "Live @ Womb - Tokyo" [CL-Recordings]

Chrono.Fixion "2006" [CDr / autoprod.]

Cyantific "Ghetto Blaster" [Hospital Records]

  1. Diggler "Em.Pulse" [Resopal Schallware]

DJ Krush "OuMuPo 6" [Ici D'Ailleurs]

DJ Olive "Sleep" [Room40]

Dr Nagual.X "Illégal Dub Music" [Djahkooloo Records]

Dub Stories "L'Histoire du Dub racontée par ses Activistes" [UWe]

Echologist "Explorations Vol. 1" [Mule Musiq]

Fabric 27 : Matthew Dear As Audion [Fabric London]

Floating Mind "Krak EP" [Monokrak Records]

Forest Jackson "Cymbalism" [Mosz]

Frank Bretschneider & Peter Duimelinks "Fflux" (Brombron #10) [Korm Plastics]

Geir Jenssen "Cho Oyu 8201m : field recordings from Tibet" [Ash International]

Gintas K "Lengvai / 60 xOne Minute Audio Colors Of 2kHz Sound" [Crónica]

Incidental Amplifications [Room40]

Jukebox Buddha [Staubgold]

Kaito "Hundred Million Love Years" [Kompakt]

Kanka "Alert" [HammerBass]

Le Cantin "Strange Carefully" (mp3) [Archipel]

Lee Scratch Perry & The Whitebellyrats "Alive, More Than Ever" [Damp Music]

Lump "LumpDub" [Future Dub]

Mary Anne Hobbs "Warrior Dubz" [Planet Mu]

Mimetic Desire "Sacred Aim" (DVD) [Ant-Zen / Parametric]

Miniman "Opus In Dub Minor" [HammerBass]

Mo-Shic "Salamat" [BNE]

Neutron404 "Tiefenvariationen"(mp3) [Rest]

Oxycanta [Ultimae Records]

Philosophy Major "Divination Systems" [Wordsound]

Pioneers Of Electronic Music "Vol. 1 : a documentary film on Richie Hawtin" (DVD) [Slices - Electronic Beats / M_nus + Sense]

Prince Charming "The Anatomy Of…" [Wordsound]

Pure "Home Is Where My Harddisc Is, Vol. 2" [Feld Records]

Rasmus Möbius "Medecine Walk" [Statler & Waldorf]

Recyver Dogs "Live at Tresor - Berlin" (DVD) [Catzilla]

Rhythm & Sound "See Mi Yah Remixes" [Burial Mix]

Sandoz "In Dub, chapter 2 : Live In The Earth" [Soul Jazz Records]

Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. "Volume 3 : mixed by Alex Smoke" [Soma]

Soundtrax For Life "Vol. 1 mixed by DJ Element, vocals by MC Manic" [Soundtrax]

Subliminal Vol. 1 "mixed live by Teebee" [Subtitles Music]

Sur-Terre.Net "Soundtrack For Variable Fiction directed by Chatonsky" [Ytterbium + Arte - Unité de Programmes Cinéma]

Svalastog "Woodwork" [Rune Grammofon]

The Two Head Monster "Craig Richards & Transparent Sound (live)" [Orson Records]

Touch 25 [Touch]

Triple R "Selection 4" [Trapez]

Yagya "Will I Dream During The Process" [Sending Orbs]



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