playlist 1999



Achim Wollscheid "Airs" [Ritornell]

Aube "Blood-Brain Barrier" [Ytterbium]

Autopilot "The Voice Inside" [Elektrolux]

Basque Electronic Diaspora "#1" [Esan Ozenki Rec.]

Biosphere / Deathprod "Nordheim Transformed" [Rune Grammofon]

Blue Train "No Ligthweight Stuff" [BlueTrain Rec.]

Bola "Soup" [Skam]

Chris Carter "Small Moon" [CTI/World Serpent]

C.O. Caspar "Labcopilation" [Labco/Clang]

Crooklyn Dub Outernational (presents) "Certified Dope, vol. 3" [WordSound]

Dr. Speedlove (presents) "Chemical Warfare : mix mix bang bang" [Invisible]

Ester & Thomas Brinkmann "Totes Rennen" + "Weisse Nächte" [Supposé]

Hakan Lidbo "Before The Beginning" [April Rec.]

Hallucinator "Landlocked" [Chain Reaction]

Hazard "North" [Ash International R.I.P.]

Kemistry & Storm "DJ Kicks" [Studio K7!]

Lagowski "Tz" [Noise Museum]

Marchetto & Scheurer "Movements / Structures" [Nova Zembla / XIII Bis]

Modulation & Transformation "4" [Mille Plateaux]

Morgenstern "Zyklen" [Ant-Zen]

Multiplex "The Monitors" [Progerik Rec.]

Phase Sound Selector "Disassemble Dub" [R.O.I.R.]

Potuznik "Concorde +" [Cheap Rec.]

Robert Babicz "MoMente" [Mille Plateaux]

Roger Rotor "Orion Nebula" [Noise Musem]

Scanner "Cystic" (20’ To 2000) [Raster / Noton]

Starfish Pool "Rituals For The Dying" [Conspiracy Rec.]

Stewart Walker "Stabiles" [Mille Plateaux]

Stylus "The Last Seaweed Collecting Hut At Freshwater West" [Ochre Rec.]

Sturm "Sturmgesten" [Mille Plateaux]

Sub Rosa vs Kompakt [Sub Rosa]

Systemwide meets Muslimgauze "At The City Of The Dead" [B.S.I. Rec.]

Teknoir [Ant-Zen]

The Dub Funk Association "Sounds Of The Heavyweight" [Tanty Rec.]

The Dub Specialists "Dub To Dub vol. 3 : loop to loop" [DubHead]

The Ghost Orchid "An Introduction To E.V.P." [P.A.R.C./Ash International R.I.P.]

The Mighty Quark "Ian Hendrick's Disco" [King Syndrome Sounds]

The Rootsman "Realms Of The Unseen" [Third Eye Music]

The Tape-Beatles "Good Times" [Staalplaat]

Thomas P. Heckmann "Raum" [Mille Plateaux]

Ultra Milkmaids "Vorely Relay" [NoctoVision]

Ultra-Red "Second Nature : an electroacoustic pastoral" [Mille Plateaux]

Vromb "Périmètre 3 + 10" [Ant-Zen]

Wolfgang Voigt "Gas Im November" (20’ To 2000) [Raster / Noton]

Yellow Note "Yellow Note vs The Daleks" [Liquid Sky]

Zonk't "Falling Down Fearless Of Bruises" [Sound On Probation]


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