playlist 1996



Agents With False Memories [Ash Int.]

Alpha & Omega "Voice in the wilderness" [A&O/Greensleeves]

Ambient Rituals "Exercice Two : Trip Into Dub" [D.O.Ve/Hypnotic]

Badawi "presents Bedouin sound clash" [ROIR]

Banco De Gaïa "Live at Glastonbury" [Planet Dog]

Bandulu "Cornerstone" [Blanco Y Negro]

Black Lung "The disinformation plague" [Nova Zembla]

Blue Bommer "Dub" [Nation Rec.]

Calcutta Cyber Cafe "Drum + space" [Omni]

Club Meets Dub v2.0 [Zip Dog Rec.]

Cosmic Connection "Zincode" [Double Space Rec.]

Crooklyn Dub Consortium : Certified dope 2 [WordSound]

DJ Spooky "Songs of a dead dreamer" [Asphodel]

DP-Sol "Live in Leipzig - Live in Oslo" [The Spacefrogs]

Delta Files "Body bags" [Reload Ambient]

Dub Out West 2 "Roots : forward ever" [Armagideon/Nubian Rec.]

Dub Syndicate "Research and development" [On-U Sound]

E.B.N. "Telecommunication breakdown" (CD/CD Rom + DS 3.5") [TVT Rec.]

Earth "The elements series vol. two" [D.O.R. Infinity]

Emmanuel Top "Asteroid" [NovaMute]

Equations Of Eternity [WordSound]

Five-H-T "Neurotransmitter" [Hypoxia Rec.]

G-Man "Kushti" [Swim]

Gas [Mille Plateaux]

General Magic & Pita "Live and final fridge" [Source Rec.]

Gilbert/Hampson/Kendall "Orr" [Mute/Parallel Series]

H.I.A./Biosphere "Polar sequences" [Beyond]

Incursions In Illbient [Asphodel]

Iration Steppas "Original dub D.A.T." [I.S.]

Kitachi "A strong unit" [Dope On Plastic Rec.]

Macro Dub Infection 2 [Virgin]

Meat Beat Manifesto "Subliminal sandwich" [P.I.A.S.]

Melville "Pentax fury led me to the crabhouse" [Micro Atoll]

Muslimgauze "Occupied territories" [Staalplaat]

N.U.F. "Raum für Notizen" [Incoming!]

Necropolis : The dialogic project (DJ Spooky) [Knitting Factory Works]

Osymyso "Being born" + "Peter & the wolf" [Hansome]

Phlegm "Ashes" [Reload Ambient]

Phluide "Bifidus aciophilus & other beneficial cultures" [Nation Rec.]

Rapoon "Darker by light" [SoleilMoon]

S.L.O.T. "The seven seasons" [Hypnotism]

S.T.M.E. "Ghostfish" [Nova Zembla]

Serenity Dub 3.1 + 4.1 [Incoming!]

Silk Saw "Come freely, go safely" [Sub Rosa]

Slumbermusic : Environmental sounds series 001 [Universal Egg]

Soma "The Inner Cinema" [Extreme]

Starfish Pool "Interference 96" [Nova Zembla]

Strangebrew "Earth out" [RobsRec.]

Sub Dub [Instinct Ambient]

Synaesthesia "Desideratum" [Music Research/Zoth Ommog]

Tele:Funken/Flying Saucer Attack "Distant Station" [Domino Rec.]

The Broken Voices [The Sprawl/Suburbs Of Hell]

The Disciples "For those who understand" [Roots Rec.]

The Rootsman "International language of dub" + "Into the light" [Third Eye Music]

The Woodshed "Forty miles of rough road" [Cloak & Dagger]

T_Zero_2 Sampler [Touch]

Undark (3396) [Em:t]

Wordsound I Powa " Live from the planet crooklyn" [R.O.I.R.]


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