Alpha & Omega “Safe in ark” [A. & O./Greensleeves]
Artificial intelligence II [Warp]
Audio Active “We are experienced” [Beat Rec./Massive Rec.]
Autechre “Amber” [Warp]
Bastard Tracks “A collection album” [Different Drummer]
Beaumont Hannant “Texturology” + “Texturology -2LP-”[G.P.R.]
Biosphere “Patashnik” [R.&S.]
Black Roots “Dub factor 2” [Nubian Rec.]
Cristian Vogel “Beginning to understand” [Mille Plateaux]
DJ Spike “Global 2000” [advanced-tape] [Blanc Rec.]
Drome “The final corporate colonisation of the unconscious” [W./N.T.]
Dub Syndicate “classic selection volume 3” [On-U Sound]
Electronic Dub “Electronic dub” [Rising High]
Electronic Eye “Closed circuit” [Beyond]
Elektrode “Die operative maschine” [Hypnobeat]
Fun^da^mental “Seize the time” [Nation Rec.]
Global Electronic Network “Rolleiflex-Weltron-Time square” [Mille Plateaux]
H.I.A. “Reform” [Beyond]
Horizon 222 “The three swans” [Charrm]
John C. Lilly “E.C.C.O.” [Silent]
Klänge “The heart/Hertz file” + “Time3/Time2” [Minus Habens]
Legion “Tunnelvision” [7”/éd. limitée/50 ex.] [Syntactic]
Mad Professor “Black liberation dub ch. one” [Ariwa]
Mind The Gap vol. 2 [Staalplaat]
Moody Boyz “Recycled ep” [Prime Rec.]
Muslimgauze “Zealot” + “Blue mosquee” [Staalplaat] + “Infidel” [Extreme] + “Emak bakia” [Cargo Rec.]
Nocturnal Emissions “Glossalalia” [Earthly delights/Soleilmoon]
OB1 “Anubismatist” [ZZO-Rec.]
Outoff Body Experience “Illegal state ov mind” [Vox Pop]
P.O.W.E.R. “Dedicated to the world revolution” [Nettwerk/P.I.A.S.]
Psychic TV/X.K.P. “Al-Or-Al, thee transformation ov mercury” [Dossier]
Rapoon “Raising earthly spirit” + “Vernal crossing” [Staalplaat]
Revolutionary Dub Warriors “Dub reaction part 1 : delivrance” [On-U Sound]
Scanner “Mass communication” [Ash Int./Touch]
Scorn “Evanescence” [Earache]
The Auteurs vs µ-Ziq [sans titre] [Hut Rec.]
The Bitniks “Holograms” [Hypnotism]
The Dub Plate Vibes Crew “Horn of Africa” [Solardub Rec.]
The Vision “Mental healing” [Fünfundviersig]
Volume n°9/10/11 + T.E.E. 3
Woob [em:t]
Zion Train “Natural wonders of the world in dub” + “Siren” + “Music archive vol. 1” [W.W.W.]