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A Blade Of Grass & Baasmal "141 LP" (Welter)
An:Ti "Toils" (Dihanie)
ASC "Pattern Recognition: Second Sequence" (ASC)
Basicnoise "Datapulse" (Greyscale)
Biodub "Holmsund" (Tiefenraush)
Cabaret Voltaire "Shadow Of Fear" (Mute)
Deadbeat / LNOE In Dub (Last Night On Earth)
Deep Chords and Electronic Soundscapes "L12" (City Noises)
Dive Craft "Urban Legend" (Ubertrend)
Dr. Israel "In Dub" (Echo Beach)
Dr_1 "Deep See EP" (Drift Deeper)
Dubspeeka "Tanya" (Odd Even)
Drfct "Never Walk" (Deep Electronics)
Echo Delta "Subluminal Projections" (Cold Tear)
Eguana "Invisible Civilization Vol. 4" (Cosmicleaf)
Exos "Indigo" (Figure)
Extractor "Echo Train" (Greyscale)
Floating Mind "Spatula Doxa" (monoKraK)
For Beirut "The End Of Corruption" (System Revival)
FSOLDigital presents "A Controlled Vista 2.7 + 5.6" (
Futur[e]cho 2020 (Cold Fiction Music)
Future Perfect "Relative Thought" (SubSymbolic)
Hydergine "Light Infusions" (Ranges)
HLM38 "Stranger Than Dub" (Notte Brigante)
I-Robots "Laws Of Robotics" (Opilec Music)
Ikosaeder "Exploratory" (ODrex Music)
Invisible Limits III (X/Oz)
Ion "No Signal" (Ion Musik)
Ion Ludwig "2021 Dub Donation" (IL)
Irradial#04 (Irradial)
JK Flesh vs Echologist "Echology Vol 1" (Avalanche)
Julixo "From Dub To Electro, VHS Sounds" (Subsist)
Kirill Matveev pres. Marbled Dubs #8 (MixCult)
Koslov "Dub Storm EP" (Plastic City FX)
Markus Masuhr "The Dub Theory : Chapter One" (Insectorama)
Masaru Saito "Twelve Dubtechno" (Different10)
Mathimidori "Akebono" (Echochord)
Nemo & Jaymon "Landscapes" (Forest Roots)
No Justice, No Peace (Naivǝ)
Organit "Komplex2" (Organit)
Per Hammar "Pathfinder" (Dirty Hands)
PixFoil "Atlante" (Eklero)
Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire "Assemblage" (Ornaments)
Relatives Schoensein (Adventurous Music) [sounds + book]
Retrospektive Compilation (Insectorama)
Salmanazar "Objects EP" (Joule Imprint)
Tender H "Lagoon Prt2" (Apnea Label)
Tales Of The Unknown "Volume I" (Diferit)
Tim Kossman "Home" (Greyscale)
Tomas Jirku "Touching The Sublime" (Silent Season)
Touch: Isolation (Touch.)
Tour De Traum XIX (Traum Schallplatten)
Traumer "Assembling Pieces" (Berg Audio)
Twisted Psykie "Planet Lost" (Twisted Psykie)
Thomas Köner "Motus" (Mille Plateaux)
Vivace I (Capucine)
Vladislav Delay / Sly Dunbar / Robbie Shakespeare "500-Push-Up" (Sub Rosa)
Vril "Bad Manners 4" (Bad Manners)


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