playlist 2000



1.8.7. "The Cities Collection" [Liquid Sky Music]

Ambre & Mark Spybey "Sfumato" [Hushush]

Animated "Tempting Fate" [Deviant]

Austral "Payola Series 1" [Ruta 5]

Biosphere "Cirque" [Touch]

Bip-Hop Generation [Bip-Hop]

Cativo "3 Seconds Is Now" [Position Chrome]

Clicks_+_Cuts [Mille Plateaux]

Concord Dawn [K.O.G. Transmission]

Copier.Coller [QuaterMass]

Cottage Industries "A Neo Ouija Compilation" [Neo Ouija]

Dither "Apogee" [Noise Museum]

DJ Spooky vs Scanner "The Quick And The Dead" [Sulphur]

Docking Sequence "B.S.I. Campaign Vol. I" [B.S.I. Rec.]

Dub Backups. "Three" [Elektrolux]

Fluxion "Vibrant Forms II" [Chain Reaction]

Foreign Terrain "LP 1" [SoleilMoon]

Forma Tarde "Automate 2.0" [Basic Unit Production]

Gas "Pop" [Mille Plateaux]

Hazard "Wood c/w Field / Bridge" (CD + LP) [Ash Int.]

H.I.A. / Biosphere "Birmingham Frequencies" [HeadPhone]

High Tone "Opus Incertum" [Jarring Effects]

Improvisators Dub meets The Disciples "Dub & Mixture" [Vicious Circle]

Justice "Modern Retro" [Hydrogen DukeBox]

Lab° "Remixine 1000mg" [Mille Milliards]

LANDing "Electronic Culture Project" [Triton / Mego]

Monokrom [Ant-Zen]

Norscq "Lavatronic" [Lytch]

One3 [Qube Rec.]

P°A°L "Release" [Ant-Zen]

Pan American (12") [B.S.I. Rec.]

Pitch Black "Electronomicon" [K.O.G. Transmissions]

Primaa "Le Théorème Des Ondes" [Opulsion / Uwe]

Rapoon "What Do You Suppose : the alien conversation" [Staalplaat]

Reclusion [Lytch]

Ruxpin "Midnight Drive" [Elektrolux]

Select Cuts From Blood & Fire [Echo Beach]

Senking "Ping Thaw" [Karaoke Kalk Rec.]

Soundtrack "The Cooler" [Caipirinha]

Starfish Pool "Illusion Of Moves : chapter blue" [Hymen]

Sugar B "I&I Produkt" [Dub Club Rec.]

Take One "Recent Clips" [Subtitled Records]

The Rise "Descent" [Pagoda Rec.]

The Tassilli Players "An Atlas Of World Dub" [Universal Egg]

Thésée "Autone" [Euterpe]

Touch 00 "T_Zero_0" [Touch]

Uusitalo "Vapaa Muurari (live)" [Force Inc.]

V-Neck "Dub Fiction" [Law & Auder]

Very Mach'ta "The Psychedelic Mochi Case" [QuaterMass]

Vladistav Delay "Entain" [Mille Plateaux]

Wreck This Mess "Remission 2" [Noise MuseuM]




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