playlist 1998


A1-Soundcarrier "Transmissions Of Step-N-Rollinâ Drum & Bass" [Emotif Rec.]
Amnesia Music Bar [Zip Dog Rec.]
Ant-Hology "The 5th Anniversary Compilation" [Ant-Zen]
Backdraft "Dr Drummer EP" [Kk Traxx]
Basic Unit (sans titre) [Nocturnal]
Brume "Normal" [Release]
Current Value "Frequency Hunt" [Position Chrome]
Darque Fonque "Volume I" [Middle Earth / Jungle]
DJ Spooky "Synthetic Fury Ep" [Asphodel]
Don Joyce "Will Be Right Back" [Staalplaat]
Dub Backups. Two [Elektrolux]
E:Motion "Volume 6" [EFA Dance Department]
Electric Ladyland "V" + "VI" [Mille Plateaux]
Elektroplasma "Ambient Cinema" [Ytterbium]
Gas "Zauberberg" [Mille Plateaux]
Holon "The Total Fuckin Revolution Edits" [Silver Rec.]
I.M.P. Electronics For Defence : Nimoy / Unit Moebius [GodFactory]
ICARUS "Kamikaze" [Recording Of Substance"]
Illusion Of Safety "Bad Karma" [Finite Material Context / SoleilMoon]
Information "Artifacts" [BeatService Rec.]
Kompilation [NovaMute]
Konkokting Dub "mixed by Toona & The Kaleidoscope" [Pick-N-Mix]
Marco Zaffarano "Minimalism" [MFS]
Mind Over Midi "Ice Acoustik" [BeatService Rec.]
Muslimgauze "Mullah Said" + "Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass" [Staalplaat]
Pete Namlook / Peter Prochir "Miles Apart" [Fax]
Plastikman "Consumed" + "Artifakts (BC)" [NovaMute]
Prince Charming "Fantastic Voyage" [WordSound]
Pushy! "Worn To A Shadow : live" [Pushy!]
Quest "Hic Locust Quest" [Oblique Soundscapes / Noise Museum]
Ra-X "The Undistorted Truth" (CD ed.) [Kk Traxx]
Randy Grief "Verdi Requiem" [SoleilMoon]
Rapoon "Tin Of Drum" [Staalplaat]
Ras Command "In Dub Vol. II" [FünfUndViersig]
Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman "Showcase" [Burial Mix]
Rinneradio "Pfft" [ø/MK1066]
Scanner "Sound For Spaces" [Sub Rosa]
Schneider TM "Moist" [City Slang]
Soma "Stygian Vista" [Extreme]
Sonics Everywhere [Possible Rec.]
Spectre "Ruff Kutz" (K7/Ltd ed.) [Wordsound]
Starfish Pool "Remixed" [Silver Rec.]
Sublime Musing "Symmetrical Sodomy" [Clockwork Rec.]
The Rootsman "52 Days To Timbuktu" + "The Final Frontier" [Third Eye Music]
T_Zero_3 [Touch]
Ulf Langheinrich "Degrees Of Amnesia" [Asphodel]
Untitled (ten) [Extreme]
Virtus "E.P.Taph" (2xEP) [ReLoad Ltd]
Water & Architecture [Sub Rosa]
Witchman vs Jammin’ Unit "Inferno" [Blue Planet]
Wreck This Mess "Remission 1" [Noise Museum]

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